Monday, November 13, 2017

challenges galore

There have been so many great challenges lately ... I found 19 that I want to do this month and I really want to do them all ... last weekend away at retreat gave me a great start to get a lot of projects done but I still have a lot to do ... I love setting myself personal challenges also ... and I have only a few weeks left to reach it ... i'm a dreamer.... 

Scrap the Girls November Challenge - the mood board for scrap the girls this month was a lot of shoe pics and a great quote "give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." I finished my challenge layout while away on retreat, it was my first layout to unwind and relax too... very symbolic as I was away with a great group of girlfriends. During renovations a couple of years ago I wore my trusty pluggers to get the outside work done, day in day out, for 6 weeks. We were working in black sand and it was a dirty job...but I conquered everything I had to get done. 

Dirty Feet - Scrap the Girls Challenge

The Scrap Suite - The D-lish October challenges are awesome this month and are due on the 17th of this month. I am still working on one but at retreat I got two done and finished the third off this weekend. There are four challenges in total - hot or cold, sketch, strips & stripes and the last scrap your selfie...

Moments like this 
 D-lish October Cybercrop Challenge #1
Choose 2 or more colors from either side of the color wheel to create your own warm or cool color palette.

Love Life 
 D-lish October Cybercrop Challenge #3
Sketch Challenge

Today open every door
 D-lish October Cybercrop Challenge #4
Scrap your selfie - create a project that features a photo of yourself

... that's all for now... i need to get back to the creative desk and tick off a few more of these amazing challenges.

Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage... 
Danielle LaPorte

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Scrapchat Retreat 2017

Last weekend I was blessed to get away with a great group of friends and had some quality time to  create. I worked on layouts for challenges which I will put up during the week when I finally photograph them and upload them to the challenge sites. It has taken me this long to recover from being away and I still have not unpacked all of my gear.... but it is neat and tidy 😉...

The weekend was special for many reasons, we held our own Dinner En Blanc, we had a farewell for our beautiful friend Lisa who is moving interstate and it will be the last retreat at the Warana beach house as they will be doing renovations. I finally got to the photos from the dinner and did a little editing... I really need to take more of the food prep next time... Amanda & I worked seamlessly as a team & the food was fabulous. We missed a few of our friends this weekend and wished they could have been with us... but next year beckons and plans are being made....


dinner begins                                 the beautiful lisa 

I have been very lucky to spend many wonderful weekends away with these wonderful women... creating, laughing and sharing many meals... unfortunately it is our last one in this house by the beach where I have made many beautiful memories ...

The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, 
defend each other and think the other deserves the world. 
c/o pinterest


Friday, October 20, 2017

love pink!

Last weekend was a busy one for creating, everything was coming up pink ... PINK announced her Australian concert dates for 2018.... it was time to CHECK YOUR BOOBIES for breast cancer & Scrap the Girls' October Challenge was mine to have fun with.

Scrap the Girls moodboard was full of lush hot pink, black and white... i had a lot of fun playing with the color and used one of my favourite pics of my girl Em.

it is in her eyes  - live

Also over the weekend I had a play with the A2Z Scraplets October Challenge. The color palette was divine and I used Doodlet 12 and some offcuts from another to complete the flourish on the page. When coloring the Scraplet I used gesso and then stamped the blue to tie in with the tones of the challenge. I find stamping on the Scraplet gives it a nice soft tone and helps it blend with the feel of the layout. 


thought for the day ...

Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to choose how we will live our lives, hold ourselves to high
standards, and continually evaluate what’s inside the image we see in the mirror.
– Eric Harvey –

have a fabulous friday