Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Fabulous Journey

So here goes to a fabulous journey ... the blogger revolution has finally pinned me down to my computer long enough to create a blog. My title comes from a quote by Paul Gaugin - totally inspiring artist - one of the many i studied as a youngin'. My header was a photo i took at Byron Bay of my two littlin's as they played in the freezing cold waters on a winters day --- brrr still a chilling experience. Hopefully i will have some great photos of things i have created to upload here from time to time and some of my fondest memories to share.

keep safe

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scrapwitch said...

yay she has a blog...thanks for the link babe..i love that header never feel the cold,do they ?especially around the water.
so glad your blogging .ill be getting my tiddly fix so much more ofter...may get to peek at my cj