Sunday, August 05, 2007

one down 3 to go...

Well Sunday is here again.. and the morning flew by so quick especially when i had bedlinen to wash - so many loads. I also made a citrus tart today and it was just like a bought one - too yum - i got the recipe off the back of the condensed milk tin - I gave it a go and now i won't have to pay $3 for a small one at the shops anymore cause i can make a huge flan myself - {insert happy dance}.

dh took the peeps to the football - they are still not well but he had prepaid the tickets and felt that they would be okay...mmmm we'll see tommorow morning when its time for school.

I finished my circle journal entry for frangipani's pba - "things i want to do before i die"- had a bit of fun with it - it took me way longer than i had planned but it is all done and ready to be posted soon.

Tonight i am working on the remaining three journals that i have because i really want to get them in the mail monday or tuesday this week - going to have a bit of a parcel headed your way soon donna - start clearing a space on your scrap desk.

stay stafe

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Donna said...

ooh - looks great - send em on Bopeep - looks great - as usual! Hope the little peeps are feeling ok and your week is going along nicely. Liking the Jen Hall class - will post a piccy of my journal cover tomorrow as the DM is drying tonight!