Thursday, November 08, 2007

woohoo - what a big day --

well tommorow is huge day and today just flew by again... i am organising the pub raffle for our volunteers for saturday, doing a slideshow for our volunteer dinner night- gotta make a 40th pressie for a friend , organise a gift for my niece - well its half done just gotta find the filla for her bag i made the other day. its all gotta be done in the next two days ... then i have to put together the instructions for the class i am teaching tuesday night - hence the photos of the albums below.

i did get to finnish off this layout that has been doing my head in - and i have a circle journal on my desk, i might go and attempt a little later, after i play with some of the photos for the slideshow -

so you all have a fun day and i will surely have one too tommorow -

oh and just for the record the scrap room is fairing a little better than the previous photos - but not that much better.

stay safe and have fun



Donna said...

Oh these are lush! I would love to do a class with you - I'm sure the ladies who do will absolutely love these little albums - and what a nifty idea to have them in those boxes - I spy my favourite paper too!! Hey - love those flowers on the beach LO - what PP are they from ?? Have a lovely week - I'm off tomorrow west for 2 weeks and am catching up with Poppysmum on wed morning. xDon

Michelle Jamieson said...

Beautiful layout and lovin those little mini albums!

Chelle Xx

rih2002 said...

oh wow peeps, u really are rocking lately, you are pumping out the most amazing work. love the lo, but those mini albums are to die for, what an awesome job! LOVE LOVE the take on the boy one!! u kick ass gorgeous!