Wednesday, November 07, 2007

yep its the morning...

well the last couple of days i have been getting myself outta bed and exercising -- loving the commitment i have given it - lol. So today i thought i might show the craft room the same commitment - yes i might put a couple of layouts together and maybe even a project.

My class at Stamp Antics went off a treat and all the ladies at the class were great...thanks Auntie Sue for coming and joining in the fun ..was a lovely suprise to see you there. I am in the midst of putting together the instructions for my next class which is a mini album in a pillow pocket - i haven't uploaded the photos to the puter yet but will today hopefully.

I have a slideshow presentation for a volunteer dinner coming up that i have to put together so today might see my butt chained to this chair for most of the day so that i can get through it.

So I am off to take the peeps to school in the next hour - then home to do a few important wifely/motherly chores around the home & then off to the desk...oh and i started clearing the desk and you can see at least half at the moment... i think if i spent more time in there my darling husband i would not have as much to that end i must spend more time in there only because you said i should ...i love your ideas...

update on the employment status - well the hours don't suit so i am still doing my thing that i always do but hopefully a lot more efficiently ...

until later and hopefully with photos take care and be safe


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