Wednesday, January 09, 2008

what's goin' on

Well let me tell ya - not a great deal of scrapping that's for sure. I have all these ideas just the mojo is not putting hand to paper at all... i think it might be the weather. On the weekend we took the peeps to the park to practice some gym stuff and to have a play, the weather was a bit windy - but i got this shot and loved how both their feet were off the ground at the same time.- I wonder if there is a synchronized gymnastics sport?? - lol

I started cutting out a couple of layouts today so hopefully this afternoon it will kick in and i would have put something together or i won't be trudging through all the supplies like i wanted.

Saturday morn the family and i travelled up to my little sisters house and met them at the cinema - the guys took the peeps to see Alvin & the chipmunks - they loved it, while little sis and i went scrap shopping - oh boy did i spend, I'm supposed to be emptying the scrap room ...i got a bit muddled...whoops. When we got back to T's place we did a bit of scrapping - and looked at all our supplies and took a few photos - I was using my monochrome setting on the camera - i forget there are so many functions so i thought i would have a bit of a play with them.

More supplies - not sure where these ones will go - maybe straight onto layouts would be a good.

Little sister - not liking me taking her photo - but i think it turned out okay -- had a bit of fun with photoshop too - with two boys a girl has gotta add pink sometimes.
- can u see the fairy blowing a secret wish for you T?

I'm still riding on my cloud 9 about getting the grant for the gym club - and can't wait till the peeps can get their new equipment. Yipppppeeeee.

Dh is preparing to go to America - i am a little bit scared with that as i am not a plane or boat kinda person and the sheer thought of travel overseas does my head in -- { yes i am a Virgo - a highly stressed out individual - down to the T } ...but i will have to get over it ...and all will be cool..he is really getting excited about the trip - wait till he sees my "you need to get me this" list - that may change the level of excitement for him... lol...

Have a great day, stay safe and keep smiling


scrapwitch said...

i want a fairy too..i want to come shopping too>>>I WANT ..I WANT...
I REALLY should stop saying that ..
i love that photo of trish

My sista made me do it said...
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My sista made me do it said...

A beautiful wish was sent my way but all that I needed was to spend the day with my big sis. Thank you for the wonderful day scrap shopping but I unlike you failed to take a photo of my spoils of war before stuffing them away to avoid the guilt of spending a little bit too much...too much huh it's never too much LOL!!!

Donna said...

Hey Peeps! How is ya! Hope your house is still intact after all that wild and woolly weather. Hey I love that photo of your sis - and the fairy is too cute - beautiful idea - can I sen dyou a photo of Moo to do the same to?
Shall be in touch re WM - ciao!

Pamela said...

Hi Tracey,

Your fairy is so cool. Can I add to your shopping list?? Hope hubby doesn't get stung for excess luggage on the way home. I think America does the luggage restrictions via the piece system (unless it changed since I was a travel consultant) not weight, so int that case just find him the hugest suitcase that their is. (lol)

Happy day love Pam