Tuesday, March 25, 2008

oohhh a challenge....

thanks witchy i'm looking forward to squeezing in the challenge for a bit of fun - hoping to have a hit at it on tuesday some time. And i'd love to have a play with you girls in photoshop when you come up... although you both probably know as much as i do...so maybe you can show me. I am looking forward to that trip ... so hanging for a time out for me and to catch up with you all again will be great.

the past 4 days i have had a b it of a recoup with the family. The peeps had gym on thursday night and then we all just enjoyed the weekend with each other. Sunday arvo saw us head up to the Queen mary falls and do a bit of 4wd with our friends P&C and their peeps and a few of their friends. We had a fabbo time.. and glad that we took time out to do it too. I think we will be adding 4wding to the list of things to do often, cause we all enjoyed it , especially the peeps... the countryside up Killarney way is so beautiful. I will just add here that i was freaked out a wee bit -- had a little panic attack .. but my newly learned breathing techniques helped me get through that... its a bloody long way down if you go off the side... i think i was allowed to be freaking out looking over the edge.

My little project for SM was sent off over the weekend... so that will give me time to scrap a little something for mwah.... although spending 2 hours in the craft room today has not helped as it is still a shambles but at least i wiped one of the things on my list off to do in there and that was to organise my clear unmounted stamps ... and that my friends was my Monday... oh and i extended the pyjama sunday over to monday cause we were out in the car.

hope you are all having fun .. i will be back tommorow to upload pics.... gotta get some sleep.



Donna said...

Hello my dear - nothing much to report on here - but have been checking in on your blog - hoping to see some more of that Tiddly majic... Hey - where's the cj's? Been a bit of a desert lately? :) X D

Michelle Jamieson said...

Glad you had a good time with your family over Easter!!
Sometimes we just need time to chill! :)

Chelle Xx

Bec said...

4wding is so much fun Tracey. Hubby and I love it and little DD loves it too. She is always calling out from the back, "Go Daddy Go". Really try and get into it. You can meet some fantastic people and have a great time. We try and go as often as we can, and we also camp at some of the 4wd parks. Get into and get you car dirty and you will have a ball.

Love Bec.
p.s. Can't wait to see you SM stuff!!