Friday, April 11, 2008

gotta blog

okes so i haven't blogged for a week - my bad- as miss chicken would say....

Miss chicken had a gymnastics comp on the weekend... and did well... had fun... enjoyed herself... all is great - she came 2nd on the floor - fairly chuffed about it all ...

Its been hectic this side of the fence... my mind just won't stop but i can't seem to get into the craft room to offload some of it... i have moved my easel into the family room so that i can do some canvases that have been playing on my mind but the peeps seemed to have taken that over with their own and i have been playing catch up with Minutes of meetings from the P&C and newsletter printing... oh gosh... maybe this is my week to kick back...nope ... more gym training and DH has finished his job and is home for the rest of the week... he starts a new job on Monday. I need a holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and what more can i ask for than the great scrapping community to come to my rescue... i have a scrap weekend planned coming up in a few months, another crop i have been invited to and a day at the coffee club to catch up with like-minded craft addicts.... lovin' it all and can't wait for it all to unfold.

so you may ask where is some of your new projects .... well..... i am a bit stale... i have been sleeping in and playing catch up with forums, as well as just watching plain old tv. We have had our good friends Reg & Shirl come stay a couple of days and it was fantastic.. wish she could just move in and help me ground me.... IYKWIM... kind of like a mum really love them both they are great friends... well more than friends really....

so hopefully over the weekend i hope to get DI's smile album done, tidy up the scrap room - i have been inspired by Cassandra's scrap room on Scrapbooking memories to get mine organised plus looking at some other great scrappers like Becky Higgins and Lisa Bearnsons rooms... i wish! -but i think with a little manouvering and reorganisation i will be on my way... oh a little scrapping should help alleviate the amount of product in there too... roll on weekend ... lets hope for the best.

sorry no pics but its my bed time... maybe in a few days i will have a couple to show.
have a great week whats left and stay safe


Tammy James said...

Hi Tracey,
where do you get that energy girl?
send some my way please! have a great weekend!

scrapwitch said...

you so bad...start bloggin,,,where are you new layouts.....?????