Thursday, November 27, 2008

whats going on...

yep i should ask myself the same thing not be sticking it in a title.... so to answer my own title here goes.... been busy.

I was so lucky to go away to the ScrapChat retreat at Warana in mid November - had an absolute blast - Gypsyangel aka Karen does a fantastic job of organising a nice relaxing time away - great location, and very affordable. I travelled up the coast with Sylvia and Lisa and had a blast - we got stuck in Gateway bridge traffic {a first for me} very scary - probably cause i don't like bridges especially the ones with water under them.. they make me anxious. When we got up there i think it took me about 15 minutes and i had already started my first layout --- i got 30 layouts done while i was away - thats right folks - 30 - i am so proud of myself - i set my target in my head and made it happen. I had a great time up there with so many new faces that joined in on our Scrap fun - and the regular beauties who know how to party. Thanks girls for all the fun. The trip home with the girls was awesome too - we got caught in that massive storm - well it was actually an accident and then the storm and then another accident - so our 1.5hour trip home ended up being more like 3 - what joy - at least i had some great company.

So i bet you are thinking i would be sharing some of those layouts huh - well i will - but not just yet - i just sent them off to see if they are any good for publishing... so fingers crossed and maybe they will go up tommorow.

ON the home front - my lil sis had her little {big} baby - -another beautiful little nephew for me - and all natural with no pain killers - what was she thinking - he weighed 9lb 4oz - she is one super strong focussed mumma.

Next we have a month of fabulous birthdays - i have had a niece turning another year older, a friend - hey witchy , glad you had a good one, the new babe being born and old matey celebrating another birthday - he had the bestest birthday too - he got to have his fave cheescake {which mummy makes} - he got his fave lego {starwars} and he got shooty type toys in the way of {spiderman stuff} - so he was one very lucky and happy little boy.

Been a bit busy with school volunteer stuff - we have an awesome school - its all starting to wind down now - which is nice cause i can find a little more time for mwah hopefully - i kinda want to get stuck into my scrapping more - got an idea - and busting at the seams to set it all up and have a play --plus the craft room needs an overhaul.

Today - well today was the peeps' swimming carnival - miss chickens third one - and she got a lot of third places' and old matey's first - he only did one race - and then asked if he could go home - i am thinking its not really his thing maybe - lol. Never mind.... he can learn to love it.

thats it from the peepster - gotta keep moving on with the list - i have a newsletter/flyer to do tonight and i want to have a play with a few pics i took from the carnival today - so i hope your friday is a fun one... might try to get back here to update the blog tommorow - i think i have a couple of layouts i made before i went away to Warana that i can put up for a bit of show'n'tell...

catchya on the roundabout


Donna said...

Hey Tracey - sorry I've been awol for so long - will get in touch with ya for a chat before Christmas comes - promise! Great to get an update on the blog too - have a good weekend my dear, X D

Petrina McDonald said...

30 LOs!!! i believe it too you mad scrappin' lady! good on you :)