Saturday, December 06, 2008

something really exciting

well............the lovely miss tanya payne from Scrap'N'Craft with T has asked me to be a part of her DT - Tanya is a lovely person and a wonderful scrapper herself - so i am mighty chuffed to be asked - I will joining in the fun over at her site with two other fabulous and extremely talented scrapper friends Michelle Jamieson and Leanne Stamatellos. We will be putting together some awesome kits for purchase and creating some great projects for people to create for their own scrappy collections.

Michelle has already put up a kit at Scrap'N'Craft with T and there are instructions too for those who want the run down on "how do I". I guarantee we are gonna have heaps of fun together and hope that you will be able to join in the fun with us also. Thanks Tanya and i look forward to having heaps of fun with you all real soon.

Alrighty - this is just a quick one cause i have gotten myself sick for some unknown reason - my head feels like it wants to explode and my nose is running like a tap - the antihistamine is kicking in and my eyelids are falling fast - so i hope you all get yourselves over to the digichallenge site and vote as we only have a few weeks left for our 52week challenge - I have had a blast so far and have some awesome pics that i probably would not have ever have taken - its been great to think outside the box with some of the themes that donna and the girls have come up with.... so that's that --- get yourselves over there to vote today.

And a pic for today - well i haven't uploaded yet - went to a party at SIL for her birthday that was during the week and got a few cute shots of the little people there - but nothing else... did not get to sew miss chicken's medieval costume today - tommorow is looking good for this - she needs it monday - best go get a good nights rest so that i can work my but off tommorow...

night all


Tammy James said...

Hi Tracey,
Congrats on the DT, I'm familiar with two of you and it sounds like T has chosen a broad range of different Scrapping styles through her DT girls.
Hope you feel better soon.
T. x

ScrapManda said...

Cool Trace! Very exciting! Can't wait to see your kit!

Donna said...

A huge congrats to you my dear - that's such good news and I bet you are on cloud nine. Good things come to great people - see, you give heaps, and it comes right round again. An dlove all your layouts too - that must feel sooo good to have them all done and dusted! X Don

Tanyah Payne said...

Trace, I am honoured to have you part of my team and can't wait to see what you come up with.

Welcome aboard!...xx