Monday, January 05, 2009

gotta love a suprise!

Wow what a week - We have just had sketti go home for his week long visit down at Aunty Tracey's place - i do hope he had fun and i'm not too much of a stickler. The peeps loved having him here - and miss chicken loved someone else to go swimming with - he is a fish.

Another thing - my DH took me shopping and the three children - on boxing day no less - what was he thinking, as he doesn't like shopping - to buy me a new mobile.... well we looked around and went back a few days ago and i now have a new Nokia E71 - it is divine - all shiny and new - best upload the old for the new pic - and you will be able to see how much he really spoils me.

yep the upgrade from the old fossil - to the tech savvy - loving it - even more when i work out all the features to this little baby - and it has heaps compared to the last phone.

I took some picks of some scrapping - this is Sarah's Cj all ready to go & this is mine ready to go on its way too - still working on Beck's - as i never realised how much work 3 little peeps are.

this is sarahs album - hope you like it sarah...

this is mine ---leftovers... how original!!

I have started a challenge over at Scrapchat - Gypsy is running the One Little Word one and i have decided to scrap large playing cards - each one i want to add a quote or poem - a little inspiration - this weeks word is Angel - i got to use the small gold wings that i embroidered the other day - and they look fab - they have just enough curl in them to stand out and be really 3D.

Card 1 for the OLW scrapchat challenge- ANGEL

The peeps are back at gym training - and hopefully they won't be too sore when i pick them up later. Hopefully i will be able to do a little scrapping later on today - fingers crossed.

OHHHHHH the suprise..... well on the weekend my beautiful cousin J invited us to a party for her partner - he turned the big 40 - and i had an inkling that it wasn't just that ... cause she said - don't be late - welllllll.... they got hitched... it was beautiful and the bridal party were divine... they had their 4 children as their attendants - it was a totally fabulous occasion and i got to catch up with family i have not seen in ages. Congrats J & R.

such a beautiful day for two very special people

thanks for dropping by - and have a fantabulous day...


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Michelle Jamieson said...

How lucky are you??
Brand new phone with all the bells and whistles!!

What a surprise from your cousin...they both look fabulous.
Congrats to them and their family!

Chelle Xx