Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i was reminiscing

oh how to be this young - they have grown up so fast -- and they are still so beautiful...

enjoy my beautiful babies they are so innocent and oh so funny ... they still play like this - its a beautiful thing. have a look at old matey - getting lollies out of his pocket before he skips again

i have scrapping ... but have no time - so after my weekend away - oh yes i am outta here on a scrap retreat on friday i hope to upload a bit of something for you all =-- although i may be back later in the week if i get time




xoxAlyssaxox said...

omg soo cute hehe reminds me of when I was that little xx

Michelle Jamieson said...

So cute, Peeps!

You've been tagged...Check out mu blog for details! :)

Chelle Xx

DTS said...

wonderful words from paul gauguin..i close my eyes in order to see....