Friday, August 07, 2009

here i am

yep i am here... all be it late... and coherrent... but here. Life has been a rush and there have been so many things going on. Its hard to find which way is up from the spinning round. Everyone is healthy and working towards happy.
I have been working and trying to find a balance which has eluded me still. This weekend i hope to move the balance my way and get myself into the craft room for a little creating. {fingers crossed}.

I have been working on some transparencies which have been selling at the ScrapChat TNT days that were held. I am gonna work on a new kit for Scrap N Craft with T this weekend that will be available for September. I also have some fantastic products from A2Z Scraplets that i have been working on.... i just have to photograph... hopefully that will happen this weekend also.

I thought that Miss Chicken and myself will start our Xmas cards this weekend too. We need some mother daughter fun - and i know how much she loves to get into the craft of late... her drawings are awesome!

On the news front both my peeps have retired from Competitive gymnastics... it was their time - they have had enough ... so they are doing one day a week in the fun gym section at the club - yes a bit tearful but its for the best.. we can see a change in their behaviours already - they are happier.

i am trying to play catch up with the OLW cards i had started over at ScrapChat -- and so far i have counted that i am 15 behind - not good at all -- i did two last weekend and hope to get a few more done time permitting this weekend. Here are the two i did ... till next time take care.

" Life is all about timing... the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable... attainable. Have the patience, wait it out Its all about timing." - Stacey Charter



Michelle Jamieson said...

Nice to see you back...hugs to you my friend!! Mwah!!

Chelle Xx

aussiescrapper said...

Just love your cards, especially the material one. gorgeous.