Wednesday, September 30, 2009

its almost time

Its almost time to give away some blog candy ... so don't forget to leave a comment on the new layout for my blog - lovin' the new layout so far - but have a lot of uploading of photos to put in the drop down menus- dont' forget tomorrow night late i will draw a winner - so the winner wont' be uploaded till Thursday morning.

It has been a hectic week here already - on the weekend my darling husband attacked our front hedge and all i have now is a lot of bare sticks... photo to come... as i have not uploaded them yet.

The peeps have been having a ball with lots of playing - but if you ask them they are 'bored' and 'did nothing' - how exciting for them... but if i hear those words again for the remainder of their holidays i will lock the little blighters in the shed.... cause their holidays have been far from 'boring' - who invented that word anyway?

Today i had the beautiful Karen and Jess come for a play date with the peeps and myself... had fun - ate too many cupcakes and made an absolute mess of the kitchen - the peeps swam and played most of the day away and Gypsy and myself got to scrap two altered cards together...a fun day and thank you for your company gyps!

Almost forgot -- its my little sista's birthday today -- well technically yesterday cause its now 12.04am on my clock... happy birthday to you! --- and can't wait to see your tattoo when we catch up again soon..


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