Monday, October 05, 2009

getting ready...

Oh yes we have been getting things ready in this household -

sorry to interuppt my train of thought... but its raining... the glorious sound of rain... loving that!

GETTING READY #1   - now back to getting things ready... on the home front we have taken carpet out of our bedroomand the study and delivered down to our trusty old unit ... it will be installed on monday down there.. i have been left with concrete painted floors for the time being... very user friendly to clean i might add....but a bit harsh on the feet over time.... we have looked at replacements and have found suitable carpet for our room, the childrens rooms and the study... and i am quite happy with our choice... this will have to go on the back burner as we have had some other things crop up.

GETTING READY #2   - i have finally photographed a few sample photos of the flowers i will be teaching how to make in an online classroom situation over at ScrapChat... pretty happy with it all and i need to thank Gypsy for the opportunity to have a crack at this. If everyone is happy with this site and the classroom environment then we will be holding a Inspiration card class to help raise money for Breast Cancer - this will be closer to the end of the month... should be fantastic either way.

GETTING READY #3   - the little peeps go back to school tomorrow.... and we are so not ready... it feels more like xmas holidays here at our home... my beautiful husband has been slaving away and is really in need of a holiday... but the peeps are on their way back to the grindstone and have not had the chance to spend much time with their pappa...mumma is worn out though.

GETTING READY #4 - looking forward i am ready to really get myself motivated to loose some serious weight and get myself trim taut and terrific. I had my birthday in September and decided that i would be Fabulous at 40 - and i have given myself a year to get there... i know i can do it... so i have slowly been starting the whole diet and exercise thing  but tomorrow i am on my way fully - watch our Rexona!

GETTING READY #5 - concious of my above #4 statement i am about to embark on a huge leap and start getting myself into bed before midnight every night. Someone said to me once that this could be part of the reason for me not losing weight... tiredness and lack of sleep. I don't feel tired, but apparently you need sleep to make your body work properly...{ thanks darling husband} i thought  i might try this out for a couple of months and see if it works for me... i have always been a late nighter.. so it will be an interesting concept.

GETTING READY #6 - all going good i will start tidying up some sewing tomorrow... i have some bags cut out that i need to finish and then i can start on a few more patterns that i have purchased. I also have to sort out that coding on the blog so i can start selling things via paypal in the for sale section.

have a fantastic night everyone... oh its morning... whoops i have broken #5 already.... i'll leave you with the pics of the flowers i will be making on my Wednesday night online class - hosted by Scrapchat.



Petrina McDonald said...

wow! for "getting ready" i am exhausted by even reading that list! what will i feel like once i read the 'what we've done' list!! go you!!! i really am impressed by all the work you have done on your blog - it looks so professional and fantastic :) The flowers look pretty darn good too - well done!

My sista made me do it said...

I am loving rules 4 & 5!!!! You need to look after yourself better.....I'll need my best friend for atleast the next 40 know you can do it!!!!! I love you and miss you....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Tanyah Payne said...

awesome layouts trace! am loving your new blog look too! Luv Tanxoxo