Friday, January 06, 2012

Welcome 2012

Okay another year has started... HELLO 2012 ...  i am into it in a big way.... so pumped to achieve so much this year... the focus is intense... i have already fiinished my January DT commitments for A2Z Scraplets... and have started on the next few months... i have so much motivation... this holiday has been just amazing for my mojo to find its way back to me... oh a lil' sneak peak of a layout i was working on ... shhhhh........

I have joined up to Summit 2012 - Creative Jump Start instigated by the lovely Nathalie Kalbach - i am having so much fun with kick starting my scrapping this year that my brain just does not turn off at the end of the very long day. Here was my first project i tackled ... it was inspired by the talented Carmen Sanchez.

I've been away with my beautiful family visiting my lil' sis and her family - we saw the New Year in with some beautiful fireworks in Toowoomba, and then spent that night and the next day scrapping our time away - did i say i had an amazing time... love making those type of memories.

My uber fantastic husband has just finished painting our lounge room ... again... he has a thing about painting the house.... saves me a packet of money when you can do it yourself... well i am not allowed to touch it ... so i have to retreat to my craft table... never mind i am thinking with a nice big smile on my face.

Both of my beautiful children are at high school this year... arghhhh - the time sure does go quick ... we are all set and only have shoes to go in preparation for their first big day of 2012... i hope i don't cry its very emotional the first day no matter what age they are.

This summer our lovely little Peppa dog has decided she likes to swim in our pool.... so without any warning you will hear a splash, so now we have to really keep her in designated areas as she is a little yappy and wears a bark collar and those things don't like the water much... 

okay time to get back to crafting.... and chatting to some amazing friends online.... xx

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Cuchy said...

Thank you so much for joining the CJS. Your card is stunning. Love all the texture and as I already told, those metal pieces. Awesome work.. Wish you a happy and very creative new year.