Monday, December 31, 2012

Post 12 2012

It's been a long time... there has been so much going on with this past year - I guess its easier to put a few sentences into a Facebook status than write on the blog... This is something I enjoy to do more but find the verbal diarrhoea free flows with randomness better in short bursts. When I sit to write a post on my blog it has to be more structured and not as random I guess.

So here is the update...

To all my relatives that may have been doing it tough this year ... i believe that 2013 will rock ... you will all overcome your hurdles... there is no time for all the toxic crap that has come your way ... you are good people and you all deserve to be swamped with love, long life and good fortune... all my love to you.. xxx

Family life has been super challenging here at our house, but there are always more people who have more troubles than yourself so there is no point in lingering on that... all I want to say is that I have fantastic friends whose ears must be overjoyed when I walk in a room... not.... I am grateful to them for all their support, understanding & help. Thank you to my super dooper in-laws who have been so helpful to us in the past few months, not sure we would have kept our sanity if they had not lent a hand every time we had asked. They continue to overwhelm me with their love and support and I am eternally grateful for that.

My two beautiful children who are both growing up so fast and are now teenagers start at a new school in 2013 - the last one i could describe with a few choice words but will finish that sentence with - disappointed. I am super excited about their future at the new school and they both cannot wait to hit the books and turn 2013 into 'their' year.

My amazing husband and friend is a tower of strength and the sounding block of reason, even if its not what i want to hear.... nor him when he is wrong... i think this year we have grown even more in our relationship but have had so many more hurdles and things to overcome as parents... kudos to him and to us.

I have had the opportunity - - because i have an amazing husband... to travel to a couple of Scrap retreats this year ... gosh i love him... and i have been blessed to hang with many amazing crafters -- 2013 will be no different ... i am booked in to go to at least 3 retreats and two will be in other states... i will be creating havoc Thelma and Louise style with Sue Smith... who can i just add i am so proud of for taking up one of the positions for 2013 Scrapbooking Memories Master... uber excited for her.

This year i received an Honourable mention in the Scrapbooking Memories Magazine comp and was a little stunned to do so but still very humbled by it ... my little peeps were a tad excited to see themselves in print again ...

I am still honoured to be on the A2Z Scraplets design team and have got to play with some fun Chipboard products all year .. thank you Julie for this opportunity over the past few years... it keeps my mind constantly working to create, create, create.

We have had a great family holiday this year at Thredbo & Kiama and the weather was divine. We were blessed to have fantastic weather follow us everywhere, so everything has a lovely balance of great and not so great in our lives...  Life is fabulous in this respect.... it is a nice balance. I've conquered one of my fears by getting on a big airplane to the big smoke of Sydney and travelled all by myself. What a big girl I am, so much so that i will be doing it again twice in 2013.

Life is good... my eyes are open... everyday is a blessing.... i am blessed with fabulous friends and family and cannot wait for the year 2013 and the adventure that it will bestow on me... from my family to yours ... Happy New Year 

love to you all

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Scrappingdownalane said...

Stay happy Tracey xx Have a super 2013 :) xx