Tuesday, October 10, 2017

a creative but messy weekend...

Over the past few weeks I have been getting my groove on and making a heap of mess in my creative space which spans across the whole house.... obviously this is not a plan of mine to spread out but I just can't help it. 

I plan on trying to get my art 'spaces' organised by Christmas. As my ever patient husband tells me that i have been doing this for the past 10 years and then kisses me and says goodnight.... I truly need to accomplish this... and the I CAN DO IT girl in me has been slowly whittling away at it over the past week. .. this will take up to Christmas and maybe even longer -- after all I have to stop and create along the way.😉
yes it really is this bad... and that is only one of the spaces... 

The past two weeks I have created a whopping 9 layouts and one lonely card... two layouts were entered into challenges over at Scrap the Girls and Scrap the Boys. I'm very thankful that I won a challenge over at Scrap the Boys with the layout i posted in my previous post... If you get a chance and you love to create there are new challenges up for the month of October now on both sites.

Unfortunately I have not been able to go to one of my favourite retreats in NSW run by Sandra from Scrapbooking Delights for the past couple of years but she was kind enough to let me have a little banter and play along with a couple of the challenges that she had in store for her retreat guests... it helped me get back into it all and find a little creative flow ... these were the two layouts I had a play with a couple of weeks ago and the card.

Challenge 2 - this was a sketch challenge - it was my warm up 

Challenge 20 - this was a color challenge 

 Challenge 1 - Card challenge -- using foam dots- i think? 
I had a play with my gelli plate and a new Fiskars Teresa Collins Stamp. 

This weekend just gone I was working on trying to complete some of the Dlish Scraps Challenges set over on The Scrap Suite facebook page - so far i only have this picture and will be taking more to try and get them uploaded by this Friday... 

This is Challenge #4 set by Anthea - project using green and lots of journalling

thought for the day...

to be part of the 1% you must be prepared to do what the other 99% do not 

- business mindset 101


Leanne J said...

Wow. You rock amazing lady.
I need a creative zone or 10!
Awesome work. That card is simply magical.!

Sue Plumb said...

So, so happy you are getting your hands dirty again! (You are a Virgo though - and despite being a perfectionist, getting organised should not take you until Christmas! Be ruthless!) ;)

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