Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lazy Day Sundays

How cold was it again today? too cold -- had a bit of a jammie and slipper day today. My Dh made us all pancakes and maple syrup for brekkie --- yummm --- then i did a spot clean of the house and sat my tush in front of the scrap desk and completed SW's circle journal.....

The peeps also got themselves chairs and decided that they wanted to do a little craft too - they are so good with the paints - no wastage at all - and they perfected the small brushes today instead of having to use those big ones they always use- they waste so much paint when they use the big brushes. Miss Chicken & Old Matey are putting togehter mini albums for their gym coaches- we took photos for them ages ago to do this. I have also made a little something outta this fabric today - but only a little looksie till its completed and then i will take a better photo...

DH got a couple of movies out today and we all plonked on the couch and watched Flushed Away - great kids movie, and HP Goblet of fire - we are watching this one in two parts as the kids had to go to bed early as they have school so we will watch the other half tommorow.

Got a bit of a busy day tommorow playing catch up with a heap of school stuff i volunteered to do a while back and i have another Circle journal to start and finish as there are a heap headed my way.

I might even get a visit from my sis as she might just feel the need to do a little bit of craft - might sneak off shortly and put together a little mini album pack for her to start of the new babe photos i took last night - that way she can just embelllish and its done -- too cute and super quick when you have a babe in arms.

stay safe

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scrapwitch said...

oooohhh how delish is my album...i just love the lush colours you have used and cant wait to see it in real life