Saturday, July 21, 2007

Silly Saturday

Wow what a fun day - it was an achieve nothing but busy kinda day - woke up to all the little peeps behaving themselves - I had my two beautiful god-daughters stay last night and they were so well behaved - the kids sat up and watched the movie Zathura - totally awesome movie and when that was done they all went to bed by 9 and straight off to sleep -- such well behaved children - i think it could have been the going to the park in the morning bribe that worked... nah they are all really cool little people.

We all went to the park and had a play around -- i even ventured on the swings for a bit of fun -- old matey had had enough and thought that i should not be taking any more photos of him - although he loves to check them out as soon as they have been taken and when he has the camera in his hands he takes a pretty awesome photo for a little fella. Miss chicken decided that she would pose for a couple of shots and then practiced her gymnastics routine while there and the two extra little darlings played up and down the slides and swung around on all the bars, oh and i got a few great shots of the girls as well - in all we had a great time.
Miss Chicken
DH took the peeps to gym and I pottered around the house. I ventured into the craft room and did a little machine embroidery for a little project i am working on . I truly have to organise my fabrics again - cause i can't remember where i put all my felt - and i need some badly.
We went to the Cheesecake shop in the arvo and got a Mississippi mud cheesecake to take to my brothers place for dessert where we met up with my Lil sis and her family. Her new babe is growing too fast and is too cute - i got some cute new pics while there for her and hence i am now home updating this here blog before i go to the craft room to create a little before i hit the pillows. I must find some felt before i get back there though..i need it for what i am working on .. its always the way isn't it...when we want something we can never find it - kinda lets me believe that sometimes i have too much stuff .......nah ......who said that!

stay safe


Donna said...

nice to see you in a pic miss TP! Sounds like you're having a wonderfully fun family time this weekend - good for you! Still haven't started the cj yet - Mac's away this week so fingers crossed (legs, arms etc) I can get a bit done - oh and I've totally forgotten my EF cards too... I love your signature - feel the need to keep working on mine...Seeya!

scrapwitch said...

how cool are those fun shot...i think those kidletsa need a break from mummys the editing on your that hard?