Monday, August 13, 2007

another creative day

Last night I sat and watched a few fave shows and then cut out and put these little beauties together. Then today i did a little washing and then got creative after my visit in to the shops to get a couple of videos to keep the family occupied. Its a public holiday here and everyone is home still ...dh is still very sick .... he feels and looks like crud. The kids had a great lazy day and love to go to the shops cause they get to choose a couple of extra food items i would not usually buy - like frozen yoghurt - ewwww - not my thing at all - but they love it.

Today i played with a bit of felt some beautiful Amy Butler fabric and some buttons and thread and my favourite pinking shears to come up with this little bag what will be home for a mini album i am working on...thats all from me .. i hope you all had a fun creative day ... i am off to chat with a few friends a bit later and to clean up the craft room after this craft blitz over the past couple of days cause i still can't find some photos that i am looking for..

keep safe
Edited to add: i have looked and looked and guess what i just found ...all the photos i have been searching for - YIPPEE!!!! ...oh and i make the best garlic bread too ..can't believe all these sick people in this house have not eaten it all up ... more for me - lol...


scrapwitch said...

stunning tiddly...this feltie book looks awesome

Donna said...

oooooohhhhh - I LURVE it ! You are a clever chook aren't you! The bag is gorgeous - very funky groovy. Hey - music - cool!!!

Petrina McDonald said...

Oh my! This is very lush and lumpy and colourful and yummy, isn't it!!? Can't wait to see the little album that will lie within. :)