Sunday, August 12, 2007

Creative Jammie Days are the best...

Another Sunday is drawing to a close. My poor suffering DH is still very ill and is tucked away in bed and the little peeps are well on the way to being back to themselves - as we had two incidents where they had to be separated - sibbling torture is such a good judge to letting me know that they are on the mend. I took a photo of the clouds over the house today cause it was so cool -- love photographing clouds - bit weird i know -- but they are so peaceful looking.
Today was a fabulous day - the sun was shining and the birds were a singing and i got to stay in my jammies till noon - i hid away from the family in the craft room because that is where the least of all their lurgie germs would be - and got to creating - i did two layouts today the first one of old matey called "totally bored" and the second of little chicken called " simon says". I am in the middle of making myself a coaster album and just had a play with some felt and have almost finished a little bag for it to go into - might have to be tommorows little project.

I hope you all had a fun day ---

keep safe


Donna said...

Hey Tracey - I LOVE the Simon Says LO - it just all really works so well together - hit the bullseye luv - you happy with it? You should be - it's gorgeous! Good job

lumpy-sketti said...

I love the Simon Says and Totally Bored layouts. If only I had a quarter of your talent.... xx oh did I mention that I got off my lazy arse and got a google accont lol!!