Saturday, August 11, 2007

i need more glen20......

well the family are all still ill - i am walking around the house spraying them all like flies with a can of glen20 - everywhere they go and as they leave a room i spray - i truly do not want this flu that they all have -- they are all so ill-- they have the aches and are coughing and have gone through so many tissues - i am so sick of picking up tissues - i ended up putting a wastepaper basket in the middle of the lounge room cause they were all too lazy and ill to get up and put them in the bin - and goodness knows i am not gonna touch them - yukky germs...

Other than caring for them all i have done a little scrapping - but nothing i can share as i was thinking of using it for a competition - but hopefully i will have something scrappy to upload tommorow night.

I have been invited to a stampin up party at a friends house this arvo, so i might just have to sneak away from them all to get a little crafty fix... i bought some pretty cool jars in the kmart catalogue yesterday that i want to scrap up for storage in my craft room - might try to get a start on them tonight.

My dh is insisting that i look into doing some paid photography work - i think it is his way of saying -- get a job - lol- think i may have to investigate this avenue a bit more as i do love my photography - just have to find out what sort of costs are involved and what sort of cost structure i would charge also... all a bit daunting really - i love my relaxed lifestyle -- well its a busy relaxed lifestyle -

no recent photos to upload so i thought i would dig one outta the files - its an ATC that i created for a swap i was in last year --
keep safe



Donna said...

ooh i lik eit - poor thing I know how it is to have sick ones about - Millie has had three days of vomitting and Diorrhea - didn't eat a thing all day today and a real grizzle-bum... Finally got something up on the blog - no masterpiece - a couple of pages from my everyday journal. Lots of scrappin to be done - must away!!!

scrapwitch said...

gorgeous tracey..loving all these beauties