Sunday, August 19, 2007

An awesome saturday...

Well here it is 12.30am and i should be asleep, but alas i am not -

After doing a 2.30am thursday night to get the school P&C newsletter all typed up - and then friday all day up at the school to get it printed and out to parents, i decided that friday afternoon after picking the peeps up from school we would be going on a road trip to Stamp Antics , where i bought some lovely papers and delish rub ons {which are still in their bag on my desk waiting for me to finally get in there and attack them} - we then headed home via the butcher and the wine shop { that was a very tactful way of saying bottle-O}- yes friday night was fun - because i was up late again - i think my new message to self on sunday night when the weekend is all done will be -- GO TO BED AND GET SOME SLEEP!

The kids chilled after a big week - miss chicken had gym wednesday night for 2 hours and then again on thursday for another 3 hours - and let me tell you the little darling was still so excited and pumped after doing all that exercise. Old matey has been going really well with his guitar practice - i find him picking it up and strumming away without any hints { although his strumming is a bit hap hazard as his little arms move away from where he should be strumming to nearer the frets - yep it makes this horride noise}-- it is a good sign when i can stop asking them to put more of an effort in and they just do it cause they want to -- makes me so proud to say --They are my little people!

This post is all about the leadup to the most fabulous daughter anyone could have - you see my beautiful princess really needs to be pushed to do things - well after this week with all her extra gym sessions - today was the icing on my cake and has just topped my year off.......miss chicken had gym this morn for roughly 4 hours and she was really pushed to her limits - i could see it in her mannerisms - but she stuck it out and still had the smile on her face at the end of the session { yep no tantrums} - well i asked her if she wanted to go back to gym this arvo - and she did - she trained for another 2 hours - and was still pumped at the end of it...if you knew her you would not think this possible - you would actually think i am telling a porky pie - but i kid you not - i am so proud of her -- she tells me she has a goal and she is going to get it -- did i tell you how proud i am of her! -- i am totally loving this -- She is so special this post is all for you miss chicken and how much you have grown as a little have totally won me over yet again and captivated my heart ..oh and the little comment this afternoon - "i am almost a teenager mum can i please watch an m rated movie - its only 3 more years?' - mum said " not likely, but good try" - i love you....and its now 1am and i am still jumping up and down inside for you.

So friends i have no photos of scrapping to show today although i did do a couple of journal blocks in preparation for some scrapping i will be doing - but instead you get to see how beautiful and special my little miss chicken is to me..

stay safe and have a great weekend


Petrina McDonald said...

You are one proud Mumma there Tracey!!!
...and LOL at the "wine shop"!!!

Donna said...

Hey Tracey - that really is one gorgeous gal you have there - those photos are absolutely stunning! Any plans to scrap them - especially the last one? And it's jsut so refreshing to hear someone speak so jenuinely about their daughter. Why is it that people are always complaining about their kids? You go girl!