Sunday, August 19, 2007

Glorious Sunday

I had a great day today - everything ran smoothly - well better than that really - i got everything that i wanted to get done finished - yippeee for me.

An update on little miss chicken - yep she is still excited about gym although she was a bit sore this morning -- poor darling - but other than that she was up and practicing again tonight...she is on fire.....

Today I baked for my great aunts birthday afternoon tea that we went to -- it was great to see her again - i can't believe i leave it so long in between visits - {note to self -- make sure i visit regularly}. My great aunt turns the big90 on Tuesday - hip hip hooray.
I made her a card and a lush citrus tart to take. We had a great time catching up with all the family - whom we don't see that often as everyone is so busy. There was heaps of food and the kids had a great time with all their cousins. She is a wonderful woman with so many memories to share - oh and i think i inherited some of my craftiness off her cause she is an awesome seamstress.

I also made custard slices -- too yum -- we had them for dessert tonight -- and then supper - very naughty - but so yum.

Its my little sisters wedding anniversary today and i am sure that she celebrated in lovely style especially with her 3 boys to make it all that extra special...congrats on the first year you two.

Thats it for me - i am on dial up speed - tis quite annoying - not sure how i used up 2gb in a month - so it takes forever to upload- ooohh i might even get to bed before the stroke of 1am - lol

stay safe

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