Monday, August 20, 2007


Well today is our day - our Wedding Anniversary -- and what a marvellous day my DH made it become - -for all that know him - he does not spend money on jewellry - he believes it is the biggest waste of money - well he is a getting older and i must be feeding him right cause this morning when i was woken and given my morning kiss - and greeted with a 'happy anniversary' a small box was placed into my hands.... me being the absolute non believer asked if he took the box out of miss chickens bedroom...nope...he wanted to suprise me - and that he did - i was in shock for most of the day let me tell you. So what does a girl get on her 13th Wedding Anniversary you may ask? -- well she gets diamond earings -- YEAH BABY -- am i a spoilt little girl or what -- so thank you my darling husband, they are beautiful and i do love them and i am spoilt and i do love you with all of my heart.

Today was so good that it just flew on past me too - i did my motherly duties by taking the peeps to school and then organising some school p&c stuff that needed to be finalised - then home again to do some desktop publishing for the P&C. I went and checked out some cool and funky frames at my local optometrist - i am thinking of upgrading - don't really collect shoes so i might have to get into the spectacle frames instead.

Went to the local scrap shop One stop scrapping and picked up my prize from the Cybercrop i entered and bought some new papers which are very lush indeedy and some new brads which are too cute to talk about and will have to be backed up with a photo possibly tommorow...and a few rolls of ribbon as well as some totally lush organza ribbon-- all in my fave colors for summer too!

Miss Chicken trained at gym again tonight for around 3.5hours and she so rocked the beam - her father has walked in the door after gym with the cheesiest grin that won't be wiped off for days-- GO GIRL! - Oh and the song Wonder over there to the right in my playlist is for my little chicken- its one of the songs i would play and sing to her when she was oh so tiny {my little 5lb princess} and cause she is my beautiful little wonder!

So thats the day in a nutshell - sorry no pix but maybe tommorow - i forgot to take the camera to gym this arvo - would have made for some awesome pix for a layout too with her new hot pink and black training costume - got the exact paper in mind for that pic too...

stay safe


scrapwitch said...

i'll be back to read your essay my bag so are too naughty ..i just adore YOU

tracey said...

oh and you so rock too lisa!