Friday, August 24, 2007

gotta love a friday

wow what a day - i have had a huge couple of days ... i have been collecting donations for our school fair... and most of the shop owners i have seen have been absolutely fantastic with their support.

Tonight was the school disco - what a night - for those parents and children that missed it -- you so missed an awesome night - it was truly rocking....but alas i am sure most of the volunteer parents are exhausted - i know i am - but i am so glad that all the responses that i have had so far about outr new location have been excellent- WAY TO GO --- WAHOOOOOOO!!!!

No photos tonight as i have been a volunteering today all day.. my poor family had to care for themselves tonight, lucky i cook up a large pot of spag bol for freezing for emergencies...too yum...well they thought it was, i have had some jatz and dip, a few salt and vinegar chips and now three vodkas for dinner ...

Sorry there is no scrap supplies or layouts or crafty things to look at although i did prep some flowers last night before i hit the pillows - just no photos .....have a great start to your weekend everyone - tis the best pyjama weather here at the moment ...

stay safe

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