Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Whacky Do

Wow what a busy couple of days i have had. Yesterday i finished this layout and uploaded it to the Froggy Todd Creations website for their cybercrop that was run over the weekend - the challenge was to use only 5 elements -- was a bit challenging but i got there in the end.

Today i found out that i had won the sketch challenge posted on the One Stop Scrapping website for their cyber crop over the weekend - with my layout ticket to ride... which is in the post below - wowwwww - how cool -- thanks guys - what cool news... I had fun at the cybercrop on the weekend & i met some new scrap friends also.

Today i went up to the school and took some photos of the outdoor learning area that was created last year - and is still a work in progress with more planting still to be done. They had a pretty awesome team to help create this space for the little people at school and hopefully it will be used all the time cause its a great space.... oh and i made the mosaic thats embedded in the concrete....with the help of a few students, my kids and my dh who helped lay and grout it in place. Its approximately 2mtrs across - fairly huge - i made it in three sections so that we could transport it up to the school easily.... enjoy a couple of the photos.

This is another of the mosaics that i have made - it graces the wall that hides our pool pump - i love this design - but am still waiting on my dh to drill a hole in the centre and reroute the pool water to flow into the pool -- plus i have to find a spout or tap that i like that will suit also.

I still have another display wall in our garden to finnish off - and i guess i will eventually get to it- well i hope to.

I hope to get a heap of housework done tommorow and steal some time for the circle journals on my desk - got some pretty cool titles to work with. Hopefully i will have some scrapping to share tommorow with you all again. I have posted off Lisa's journal and her satchel - hope you love it when you get it - i know its down your way now -- you will just have to wait for one more great artist to add her bit to your book and then its home to you for some great reading - and showing off... i am so hanging out for my cj to get home too -- i have three doing the rounds at the moment and i know that they will totally awesome when they get home .....

My little chickens' gymnastics leotard is already to be picked up - they are so quick - the form says that there is a 6 week wait - i had her measured up only last week -- what great service and what a lovely lady to deal with in at Sylvia P - thank you ... i am stoked -- and My chicken will be too when she gets it - she is so excited to be getting a new leo for gym. My little chicken has been working so hard with her gym work and school work - so she truly deserves it & i am so proud of her.

Well thats it from me - thinking the pillows are looking good for sleeping on earlier than usual tonight so

stay safe


nikkihelen said...

I love your mosaic!! Wish I had the patience to try it!!

Donna said...

Whacky -Do alright! Those are awesome Pepp - I love them both but the pool one is just beautiful - and SO NEAT!!! You are a clever little cookie aren't you!

Tammy James said...

Tracey I love your mosaic pieces WOW! especially the one at your pool it is stunning and will look gorgeous with water flowing through the centre of it!

scrapwitch said...

you are the master of all artforms tracey to see and read snippets of your life
your mosaic ROCKS BABE