Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sundays realisations.....

Okay so a big realisation hit me like a brick this weekend - i am getting old - i don't feel like i am, but the body is showing huge signs of wear and tear - u know the stuff that comes with age- my mind still thinks like i am a younging- stuff i remember seeing my mum dealing with will be my turn to deal with very very shortly and it scares the heck outta me. I still remember my mum pregnant with my little sister - i still remember my little sister as a baby - and now she has two of her own.

I still like coloring in with the kids and watching the cartoons in my jammies all day too -- the kids and i have a blast -- not a great example i know - we love eating popcorn - making milkshakes and making a huge mess and not cleaning up - but my little people will know how to relax and have fun - and if thats one of the things i show them then that will make me happy- cause it makes me happy --who wants to get older -- not me - let me tell you -- and i don't want all the bells and whistles they try to attach to it either .

Today was a great day - the kids and i rolled around in the backyard and chilled for an hour - old matey painted his ramp for his matchbox cars and miss chicken drew pictures in her book -- while i layed on the lawn and watched the clouds and my little people and took the occasional photo of them - it was great to just do nothing but BE......
Life flits by so fast and then we blink and well here i am not another year older yet- thank goodness -- i am just having a melancholy type of day - sittin back reflecting on how lucky i am to have an absolutely fabulous husband whom i adore with my whole heart and who always puts us first before himself - now he will probably read this and ask what time did i get to bed and tell me i am staying up too late -- blah blah blah -- honey i love you -- but i am a night person - but i will promise to make a conscious effort to try and get to bed before 12.30 tonight....not fibbin ... okay a little porky pie ...and thank you for giving me these two little people and yourself - i am the luckiest person in the world - oh so lucky... cause they are such beautiful little people.

In other news over the weekend I tried to do a cybercrop on saturday night at OSS and could not get into it - i think it was all to fast for my simpleton ways....but i did do one of the challenges - a sketch - so not all was lost -- i had fun nonetheless ........and got paint everywhere - sorry bout the nails tash - but there had to be a was all in the name of art

keep safe


Tammy James said...

Hi Tracey,
I have been thinking a little in the same vein as you do in this post, recently.
I love you Version of Trinis Sketch, it all got a bit fast and crazy for me to , so i retreated to Scrapping on saturday night LOL.

scrapwitch said...

love your ticket to ride layout just so excited about my little sewn baggie you have made..ive shown a few of my friends your blog ,pointing out your gorgeous excited !!!