Sunday, September 30, 2007

and then some.............

oh yes - how busy can a person be and still smile and have a little bit of fun --- well apparently extrememely is a word that comes to mind....

being a bit of a 'bad blogger' so to speak - or more like the 'i'm way to busy to blog' girl - i thought i would sum up the past week - which was extraodinary and even though i am so tired - i enjoyed every bit about it ...even with all my whinging & whining - i totally loved my here goes:

-the peeps had gymnastics training everyday except for thursday

- i chased up info & organised stuff for a $30,000 government grant i put together with the help of my darling husband and a few fabulous friends from the gym {sorry guys for talking your ears off - but i had to be sure}.

-wednesday i did a little machine embroidery for a friends daughters shirt - turned out loverly

-that arvo the garage door dude came to finnish off fixing off our garage door.

-thursday morn bright and early we were up at 4.30 am to get organised for a gymnastics comp with the comp time to start at 6.45am - poor me -- i am not a morning person, but we got there on time and Miss Chicken got over her very bad bout of nerves before pulling a 14.1 on the beam WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!! - her team placed 6th on beam - CONGRATS GIRLS!....all the girls from our club performed outstandingly -- we got home after presentations at 10pm that night - my DH had beautiful red roses waiting for me when i got home -- who is a spoilt girl ???he didn't get to come with us as he had to go to work -- but ended up home sick...oh and i took 760 photos at the comp ...whoops ...tad way...

- friday was gym and the whole family was home ...blink ....that day just flew....

- i hauled butt friday arvo to get the last of the grant together and typed/printed/collated and sent-- yes you read right - it was posted by 4.50pm friday arvo -- GO YOU GOOD THING! - fingers crossed now to here the good news .....blink..blink...really flew.

-friday night i scrapped two layouts before 1 hour - fastest i have ever scrapped.

-saturday i had a mad clean up day -throwing out all sorts of old clothes - did laundry

- we had our friends over - hi p&c and girls - i got some funny shots of P with the kids superhero mask on -- oh and there were a couple of me too -but we won't go there.

-this morning i scrapped two more layouts ... did laundry and dropped the layouts off to be displayed in a shop...made up 4 batches of spaghetti bolognaise and baked a double batch of choc chip cookies and did the ironing.

- chatted on the phone - to K - she is a great friend i made along the way of my crafting journey & will be moving away - hence i am feeling a wee bit sad - cause she is my "pop in and have a cuppa" friend -- K is the "lets go to the craft shop" - my "spur of the moment" , "JUST DO IT" buddy - she is a great crafter and a beautiful person & i will miss ya when you move - bloody long way to go have a cuppa after dropping the kids off for school. Both you and your DH have a fun journey & i am sure you will captivate many more people on the road you have chosen to travel

- chatted with my little sis whose birthday it was yesterday and sounds like she got way too spoilt -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE SISTER!

now i am sure there is more but hey its after midnight and i am gonna turn into a thats me for a little bit and hopefully if you don't here from me in the next week it means i am way busy again - or on some tropical island kicking back drinking vodka,lime & soda - thanks kezza for getting me hooked

okes i am on fire ...and I ROCK!
so have yourself a fabbo day and stay safe


Tammy James said...

Hi tracey,
nice to catch up with what you have been up too, YEP you Rock, thanks for the kick up the bum inspiration to get moving and do some stuff!

Petrina McDonald said...

Well you know someone once read something I wrote and told me they were exhausted at the end of it and asked me if I think and talk very fast IRL. I had to laugh! And now that I have read this post I just KNOW that you obviously go at a million miles an hour girl! All the time!!
Do you actually calm down enough to actually sleep when you go to bed or are you totally wired all night? Love to have a small amount of your energy!!

Love P

scrapwitch said...

you totally do rock busy are you and and i thought i was to busy..nup i got nothing on your routine this week..
and freakin awesome layouts thrown in also.your totally inspiring .love the pic of little chicken(when she makes it to the olymics ~she better be called lil chicken),and the 700+photos ..i can relate ,not excessive as far as im concerned