Sunday, September 23, 2007

A great weekend

so the weekend has just flown yet again -- friday i was so run off my feet and think i am still in a spin...but its all good.....i had a christening on saturday - and it was fabbo..all week leading up to it i kept saying i need to shop for clothes but i just never got there, so on friday morning into my stash of fabric i ventured and cut out a skirt -- well as i was so busy during the day that that night i got it all sewn up ready for saturday afternoons christening.

the card i made for the babe of the day

The church where the service was held - the first shot is the beginning of the afternoon it was beautiful weather and the second was around 4pm when it became all overcast...

the hall where we had the reception - i loved looking at this and decided i needed a photo

I am now officially K's godmother and he is the cutest little bug in a rug - i took lots of photos of him but not enough in the christening robe - so my sis best bring it with her for a photo shoot next time she visits. When i got home last night i was buggered as i drove for just over 5 hours for that when i got home a nice hot shower, a light bite to eat and to bed i travelled - no doubt i was snoring too...

Today I was having a clean freak day - so the washing and the bathrooms and anything that has been neglected in the past week got a bit of a once over - i even gave old matey a bit of a push into the pool - he was not too happy but he was playing near the edge and he came up crying cause he didn't want to get wet- miss chicken found it hilarious cause she was already swimming. DH finished off the laundry with new shelving and cupboard sliding doors - its gonna take me a few days to organise it all but it will be awesome when i have.

I still have to write up a government grant that needs to be in this week - getting a tad stressed about it - goodness knows why???

I have a 3 cj's here that i have to work on and get sent off - they will probably get done tommorow - i had a bit of mind space moment where it just came to me what i wanted to do in one that has been driving me nuts - you know when you want to do something a bit different and totally out of the ordinary but are not sure exactly and you don't want to touch it cause you might just totally stuff it up --- well it was one of those moments with this journal that has prevented me from doing my thang to it - but i think i have got it and hopefully tommorow i can post it up here all finished.

I have a couple of layouts on the craft table that i have been working on but not finished - i may have to have a UFO day soon -- or at least photo all my UFO's to show you all...i start way too many projects and never get back to

Well I hope you all had a great weekend - cause i did -- wish i could have stayed at the christening longer but it was a bit of a drive home and i was the driver - so alas I will have to celebrate at a later date with you lil sis.... sleep tight little K.

stay safe


scrapwitch said...

amazing busy is your life?wow you need to sleep some time dont you????
id love 2 c a pic of your skirt and baby k too...congrates'll be a wonderful fairy godmother to baby k

Donna said...

Yeah - ditto Tracey - you are a wonder woman indeed! Just want to say have a great week away with your mob - so nice to just enjoy each other. Look forward to seeing some holiday snaps and best of luck to Ryan as well. Thanks soooo much for the little stash - you spol me! Shall "see" ya when you get back. DK x

scrapwitch said...

oh and i did want to say how much i love that window photo