Thursday, October 11, 2007

it can't be friday already...

Why is it when you pass 21 the years just fly on by us. When we are 10 years old all we want to do is grow up, when we are 15 we want to be 18 and so on...but when you hit that 21st birthday, well hello world - don't blink cause its just gonna put on those high heel sneakers and run on by you - and you will be chasing your tale to catch it too.

Another full on week with not a lot of productive scrapping done from me - a bit of planning as i have a few projects to do - trying to think of a way to utilise all these photos i take -DH said he would love to see a scrapped canvas of a heap of them to hang in the family room -- woo hoo -- must start planning that one . Plus i want to paint a couple of canvases for our lounge room also. I still have not finished donnas beautiful circle journal - but i am almost done - might have to give it a nudge tommorow -- gotta clear a huge lot of stuff off the desk so that i can scrap and sew.

The peeps are back at school and gym training and are having a blast - they are really enjoying the start of the summer weather and making the most of the pool. I have been enjoying the company of my DH who is on the last week of his holidays and who has been spending copious amounts of money on us all - today we picked up a cross trainer that we won on ebay - awesome machine. I felt i needed to get fit - and riding it this arvo - my butt is sore and it doesn't even have a seat like a bike. The kids had a blast giving it a go after dinner ....


I got out of doing the garden wednesday as i was called into school to do some teacher aide work - loved my day - tis so great especially listening to the little people and how they chat amongst themselves. So today DH and i went plant shopping and then i had some things to sort while i left him out in the yard digging holes and planting - he is a darling - told me not to worry about it cause i would get my hands dirty... gotta love that somebody giving you the excuse to use for yourself so as not to participate.

Took a couple of pics while dangling my feet in the pool this arvo -- well about 100 actually -- the kids had some fun having a quick dip while dh cooked a beautiful baked dinner yet again. I ended up with an empty wine glass...not very chic at all.....and then i decided to sneak around to my poor old vegie patch that i have neglected and have left the eshallots go to seed ...well don't they take fab shots, i must remember to neglect them more often.


The peeps love dancing and have really taken to the show " So you think you can dance" - Miss chicken asked if she could try out for the Oz version -- so they both got dressed up and did a show for us - she even has three dress changes - for the contempory and hip hop routines - lol. And yes thats old matey there on the floor doing the splits - the benefits of doing gymnastics and getting oneself all flexible...OUCH! But if i was him i would keep my head down cause miss chicken is wearing her high heels and jumping over his head - double ouch if she lands wrong...but no stress friends , she landed safely.


enjoy, stay safe and keep on smilin'


Donna said...

Hey there you - hope you cam eout of those storms ok - been meaning to call or txt u see how you went. Hey - love those photos - esp the googly goggles! Catch ya soon - DK

scrapwitch said...

i love pasha...and niel...coooorrrr hey