Friday, November 23, 2007

finally some scrapping finished

Hi all , i hope you are all having a fabbo day - i am - yesterday i got all the lawns done and a little washing, helped dd's teacher put a bookcase together and ran errands for dh - totally exhausted last night - but woke this morn to the most beautifully organised children- loving that - i think icecreams will be for afternoonn tea for them today - gotta spoil them every now and then.

I have finally finished off webbgod's poppet circle journal - its a single page layout but it really was doing my head in - so sw it will be on its way to you this arvo.

peeps perfect poppet world
i also started a layout this morning and i have finished it also - i thought that i will go through all the photos of the peeps that i have not scrapped - and there are a lot- i wish that sometimes our babies could stay this way - they are so cute and innocent and dang adorable!
Polka dot princess
Thanks for popping by - keep smiling and have a great day


rih2002 said...

oh boy i love every lo of yours I see chicky! love it! as you know I love the colour red so it reallllly jumped out at me, fantastic job! and such a gorgeous pic! Think u'r inspiring me to dig out and work with some earlier pics of the boy! hehe glad u got some scrapping release! I wanna see what you got done last night now too.... {im}patiently waiting! hehe

Michelle Jamieson said...

Awesome poppet page!! Very cool!

Love your little polka dot adorable is she??
Lovin' the red of my fave colours!! :)

Chelle Xx