Saturday, November 24, 2007

another layout down

it seems that i have found some mojo from somewhere. I have finished another layout and tonight i am putting the finishing touches on another .

I have been putting off doing the peeps baby/toddler photos for so long - but am finding them easier to get through - or it could be my frame of see i am at a loss as to where to put all the new product i have been purchasing - i have run outta room....ohhhh did i say that. You see i have no where to hide or even store in an orderly manner for my virgo the only solution is to start using my stash and using it quick. I am by no means a quick scrapper - i am a virgo- i need to procrastinate- time to think bout it - but i am slowly getting through it all.

We tend to accumulate so much stuff - its great stuff but if you don't use it - well you run outta room. I need to apply the same principle to my fabric stash -{ tommorow i will shock you all - have camera, will take photo of it all } - there is way too much of this too...i cannot believe that i just said that also..

My intentions are good - my DH says that if he takes away all shopping rights {lol} that i will have enough to sustain my habit for at least 5 years.... i am sure that he does not realise the importance of trends tho... so i figure if i wanna spend i gotta start using up my stash real quick before the cap gets set .....

so tommorow this girl will have more scrapping to show ...oh yeah ....

Today i had a jammie day till i had to take the peeps to gym training and miss chicken has decided that she is gonna sit up and watch star wars tonight -- so no doubt she will have a sleep in tommorow -

I hope you have all had a fabulous saturday

keep safe


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scrappergirl said...

Wow Peeps, this looks awesome, you have done a great job with this.

lol if you ever want a hand getting rid of some of those supplies, i have a stack of photos here you can scrap for me hehehehehehe