Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy birthday to ya

Well its a big shout out to all my friends who are Sagittarians and have celebrated their birthdays over the past few days.... I hope your days have been filled with the greatest of joys and full of love.

Today is old matey's birthday and he is one of the coolest & newest 8 year olds i know - and a funny little bugger at that . Today he turned a big 8 and i pulled out some of his baby photos to scrap for him today - which brought tears to my eyes - time flies so fast and we are all so blessed to have each and every moment with each other.....although they are sitting on the desk and not scrapped they will be and they will be awesome ...fingers crossed.

My beautiful son said when he climbed into bed with us this morn .."can i have my presents now if you got me any" - and he said this in a voice that was as if he was not expecting them but thought he best get it over with ...too beautiful... now two of his gifts needed batteries and guess what i did not have the right size and the other gift needed to be charged - and i forgot to charge it - whoops -- but he was cool ...thank goodness for lego is all i can say.

When asked what type of cake he wanted he said " that yummy cheesecake you make mum .. but i want a gymnast on the top"---- WHAT THE!!!!-- a gymnast, i'm good but how the heck was i going to pull that off would never guess ....i did... and he thought it was perfect...mum always comes through - i tell ya i am the i made it out of chocolate and it is a gymnast on the rings -- his favourite apparatus apparently - oh and he has had an awesome day to boot, and for all the troubles and fun of the day i got a big mushy kiss - just like your one year old would give ya - except my funny little fellow is now 8...

my fabbo attempt at a toblerone cheesecake with a gymnast topper

mushy kisses

Now the photos i have picked out to scrap of my beautiful son are sitting on my desk waiting for me to find a bit of time to scrap them - but until i get them done i will leave you with a layout i did of my DD's first christmas the other night.

keep safe and smile


scrapwitch said...

thanks a bunch girlfriend for the shout out ..
what a cool im sure you can make a witch cake..huh,what do ya think ??

scrapwitch said...

happy birthday little matey..
hope you had a fabulous day..
you little champion

Michelle Jamieson said...

Happy Birthday little matey!!

You share a Birthday week in good many Sag's celebrating this week...including me!! :)

Love the cake...Yummo!!

Chelle Xx

ScrapManda said...

Woo Hoo for the birthday boy! What a awesome cake - and a very cool Mumma! Love the mushy kisses pic! Classic!

Love your Chrissy cards from previous post too Trace!!

rih2002 said...

help help i think we've lost peeps in a pile of her supplies... a birdy told me she was buying new storage to re organise, but i think she's pulled all her supplies out and now cant find her way out! nooooooo peeps pleeeeeease come back to us! hehe ;)