Wednesday, December 05, 2007

time is not on my side....

well scrap time isn't - yep the new scrap storage is in place bec - got it monday - and i am foraging around in the room still -- i have piles of stuff every where, which is a bit of a pain cause i need stuff outta the piles and when i get it they tend to topple over- all over the floor...

a bit has been happening since the last post -

*the peeps had their gym inhouse comp and had a great time - they both did very well and we are extremely proud of how hard they have been working with their gym training and the results that they have been getting .
*did a day or two with classroom craft - had a ball with grade 5's
*the peeps had their school music night - miss chicken played the ukelele & old matey played the guitar and the double bass - they both did exceptionally well and made us proud as usual.
*finished off my charms for bec's charm swap - but have not got to the post office to send - sorry bec - will express bag tommorow - i have pencilled that in around the lunchish mark.
*did a little photoshoot for a friend - and photoshopped a few photos - was pretty happy with the turn out ...
*did more shopping on monday - DH has finally bought his golf clubs he has been researching for ever... they are all ordered for xmas.
*did a bit of scrap shopping - my dear friend kerry phoned and said "girlfriend, take a look at the new CK stamps!!" - and so i did - and so we got ourselves a set ordered lush and can't wait for them to arrive either.
*did a bit of ebaying also and bought some sizzix alpha dies - yum
*went to a stampin up party again - had a fabbo time

and i figure if i have remembered that much i am doing great- my brain is fried. Today i started a day diary with everything i will be doing in an allocated time slot, because i am overbooking myself and 'tis not good. I have a few machine embroidered diary covers to do for an order - looking forward to those - will post pics once they are done... and all the xmas shopping is done except one pressie for my niece - and i am thinking i would love to make her a girlie handbag - i have the cutest little pattern that i bought at the last Craft and Quilt show -- so i might give that a twirl time permitting...

no pics unfortunately as i have not had time to upload - will have to do it after the mad rush of the final week of school ....yes i will be staying home in my jimmy jammies i reckon for the first week of holidays -so here is a bit of a quote to leave you all with, cause i have no photos to share at the moment and i hope you are all well and i get a chance to catch up for a cyber chat over the weekend

You must live in the present,
launch yourself on every wave,
find your eternity in each moment.
Henry David Thoreau
stay safe - keep smiling - the silly season is upon us


Michelle Jamieson said... have been busy! I'm exhausted just reading that post!! :)

Chelle Xx

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