Sunday, December 09, 2007

Just for a bit of a change...

Okay so i thought i would have a bit of a change - moving stuff around the craft room and now on the blog -- they say its as good as a holiday and geesh i wish the holidays were here already - tis only one more week left of school for the peeps, and i think if we blink we will miss it .

The photo below is a shot of one of the walls in the craft room with the new cupboards from ikea - they were in the markdown section - they are display cabinets normally priced at $349 each-- but we got a bargain -- wait for it ---$86 and $139 ....oh yeah .... i am happy... the reason for the markdown -- they don't have the glass doors -- phooey who needs doors!

I have been doing a little bit of creating - i had an order for three fabric diarycovers - they are not quite finished but i have done the embroidery - i'm just going to sew them up and they will be all finished off today.

Last night i decided in my wisdom at around 11.30pm that i wanted to do a layout of miss chicken that i have had the photos on the desk for , for two weeks -- and i finished the double all before 1am yippee for me ....

These were the charms i created for becks charm swap -

Here is a great photo of old matey our little musician...he had a fab night - he has a cello with double bass strings. The double bass instrument would be too big for this little mite.

and another from the night of my two other fave people....

this cutesy photo is of miss chicken, she needed her hair done a bit speshial for crazy hair day - well we are not that crazy when it comes to a girls beauty - so this is adventurous as she got for the crazy hairstyle-

i hope you are all gettting yourselves in a tiss cause Santa will be calling past real soon and all those gifts need to be made..... enjoy your day

keep safe and don't forget to smile


Donna said...

Everything you touch really turns to gold doesn't it! You do have such a way with things - your photos are gorgeous, the charms exceptional - I'd never have thought to do that - and your double LO - so good!!! Thanks for sharing! Talk soon, D

Michelle Jamieson said...

Love the scrap room!! Those cupboards were a bargain!

Those charms are devine!

Love the layout with little Miss...what a beautiful little dress!