Tuesday, December 11, 2007

blink - tuesday

Okay its tuesday and a lot has happened - miss chicken had her Christmas banquet today and her teacher has outdone herself yet again - and she really needs to know that she is AWESOME! - the children had a variety of cold meats and lush salads. They also had a variety of entrees and tommorow they get to have the desserts - yum.Miss chicken had a great day. Thank you L

Today both the peeps found out their teachers for next year and i also received their booklists. Would love to elaborate on that but hey i am gonna pull my big girl undies up and just see what happens with it all next year and thats where we will leave this part of the convo.

This morn miss chicken and i cut out about 28 little petal boxes and stamped them all ready to be filled today to go on the tables for todays banquets - we filled them with sweets - will have to upload a pic later if i got a good one - my battery went flat and i forgot the spare - bugger.

I haven't really got any great photos or scrapping to share as i have been so busy with other stuff -- tonight i made vanilla slice for sweets for miss chickens second part of her banquet - should be good tommorow - i love the sweets the best..yum

I have to put together the slideshows for miss chickens class and burn to dvd tommorow so hopefully it will all just come together for me -- fingers crossed.

I'm a big believer in things happening in threes well this morn i was chewing on a minty --- and huge filling in my molar came out so now i have to go to the dentist and get it redone before infection sets in -- i am a panic attacker -- needless to say i am not fond of dentists at all -- they all want to hurt me. I then got the news of the earlier part of the post regarding teaching arrangements for next year and the third was when i got home to find my bathroom window smashed...so it was a great day and i have coped but only just -- and that was because of the half a bottle of vodka i have drowned my sorry sorrows in .

On the flip side i have some secret news bout my baby sister -- and will share as i find out a little more -- plus i am really trying to coax her into starting a blog -- and this should be interesting but easy enough as she now scraps alot and i did not have to coax her to much to get her started.

So goodnight to you all - i am wrecked- and a little gutted from my afternoon - but all will be good with a good nights sleep no doubt. Oh and did i say i mowed the lawn this arvo and it looks way cool --a bit weird to be all excited bout the lawn but i am doing a great job of it -- i will have to take a pic and post to show you how good it looks. Here is a quote till i blog again next time, tis a bit of a reality check for me tonight -

It is important to expect nothing,
To take every experience,
Including the negative ones,
As merely steps on the path,
And to proceed.
Ram Dass
American Author and Spiritual Teacher


Petrina McDonald said...

cacking myself thinking about the mowing being done in crazy patterns with vodka in hand!!
Bring on the holidays!
Love, P

Donna said...

Where do you get these awesome sayings??? Hope life slows down a bit for you once school finishes - or is it finished already??? It is here - so probably there too. Sunshine to you!!! xDon