Friday, November 02, 2007

never guess what i've been up to it's so exciting....

CREATING SOME FUN- today i made two of the bind it all bags that i designed to teach in a class at Stamp Antics tommorow - mind you not alot else got done today except for the washing which is piled sky high at the foot of my bed and the vacuuming did get a look in - can't stand crunchy bits on the floor. So here is a peak at the one i made for my niece's birthday next week - i am going to fill it with something special to go with her gift. The one i made for the class I used Christmas papers and the other one i made tonight is made with xmas papers also - but i was fiddling with the handle - and i kinda like the new handle that i came up with instead of the metal handle.

OH TO BE A WORKING GIRL - So tonight i got asked if i would like to apply for a reception job that they are looking for someone mature age... mmmmmmm.....i really have to ask myself and be honest if i want it or not....things are looking up as i am picking up all sorts of offers and jobs to do ... just have to decide what i want to do. i am enjoying working with the little people being a teacher aide - its a casual position... then i have a great opportunity at the moment to teach a few classes in scrapbooking - a month ago i was asked if i would like a job in the bank - would love this - but not sure my peeps will handle afterschool care and not having me around.... then today i was asked if i would like to apply for a three day a week reception job, in school hours - this one i think i would love to do also but not sure who would look after the peeps on hols if i work... i have put working in the too hard basket unless it was worked around the little people...but all these opportunities don't come knocking at the door often , and why is it that they all came a knocking in the last month and at the same time..mmmm tis very exciting and confusing ... think i will have to sit and thinks some more.

SCRAP ATTACK - thought i would show you all how extremely busy i am - i am that busy that my scrap room has gone to the scrap - so to speak - its a total mess and i really need to bribe the peeps with money to help mumma to clean it up -- maybe sunday will see me get in there for a clean up -- fingers crossed - just been creating and nothing is getting put back where it should be - whoops...what a glorious mess ...lucky i know where everything is - lol- i still haven't unpacked everything from the crop i went to last friday night ... very naughty ...

I am looking forward to my first class at Stamp Antics tommorow, Jenny has been really great and encouraging -- thanks i will see ya there with bells on - seeing as i am doing a christmas theme bag - lol
Have a fun day tommorow cause i will be - keep safe


Michelle Jamieson said...

Awesome work on the bags...just love them! Good luck with your class today, but you won't need it, you'll do just fine!

What to do on the job horizon?? Lucky you, getting lots of offers!

Chelle Xx

Petrina McDonald said...

holy crackers TP!!! I think even I might feel a little overwhelmed by that mess!!! (and that is saying something!) I hope it went well with your class today :)

Donna said...

Hey girl - those little bags are just gorgeous! Hope your class went well - of course it would have! Hey and thanks sooo much for the extra pressies in the bag - very noice indeed - I am so spoilt! I love the scrap room - what paradise!