Saturday, November 17, 2007

who'd have known - i have amazing peeps

today has been a great day - i have the bestest family and don't mind saying so -- my gorgeous miss chicken had an awesome day at gym training with landing her flips with ease and did the most graceful split leaps to boot as well -- go girl!!!....she has also been practicing "what a wonderful world" on ukelele and its sounding pretty bloody good too, so she will be ready to play at a school concert soon.

While my beautiful boy had a trampolining and tumbling comp and the two events he was in he came 2nd and 4th -- GO OLD MATEY!!!!! --- i did not get to go to his comp and was so bummed that i did not get to see him go for it -- but at least i have photos to prove it - i think DH is getting a bit camera crazy like me too -- 172 photo's -- 'what the!'-- i thought i was the only nutter that could take that many photos in one arvo. Now my old matey did awesome in his tumbling event and rocked it his first go - but on his second go, took a step back which disqualified him for that go - so that is why he got 4th place ...bugger...but he said he had a great day and enjoyed himself so thats all good - he really is a peep that takes it all in his stride.


I had a great day with my mother-in-law popping in for a visit with my nephew in tow- the kids had a great day and all in all so did i - it was great to catch up and actually stop and chat.
I am looking forward to my day tommorow - i will be setting the kidlets up with some embossing that needs to be done for miss chickens school class christmas craft while i will try to get my poppet done for the last circle journal that i have in my possession, then i would love to start my charms for bec's charm swap - so looking forward to this as i have not done charms before but i love doing miniatures -- one of those things i don't get a lot of time to do but love to do when i do get the time - lol.
so i am off to the scrap room for the remainder of the night to try and tidy up and do a layout i conveniently plopped in the center of my desk -- hopefully i will have something to upload tommorow night -

hope all is well in your perfect world as it is in mine


Michelle Jamieson said...

Congratulations to your little peeps on their awesome effort!! Well done!

Chelle Xx

scrapwitch said...

congrates to the little champion..and your sweet girlie also...your must be super proud.

rih2002 said...

what an awesome effort of the lil peeps!! they just keep getting better and better! its so great to see them really getting up there towards there potential! Its amazing the difference since they switched clubs. and fantastic photos! lmao at hubby taking that many pics! you put a nice camera in someones hands and they just cant help clicking away! my dh was exactly the same!