Sunday, January 20, 2008

and away he goes....

We have had an extremely busy week in our house with getting DH ready to fly over to New York - Hopefully he will have a good flight and the weather is bearable . Our trip to the airport to see him off was a quiet one in the back of the car for the peeps as they contemplated all that was going on around them, thank goodness no tears, only a lot of "i miss dad" every half an hour - and believe me it has only stopped cause they are sleeping. So here are a few of our shots from today -

the day started with a little light entertainment with the peeps doing some acrobatics - Old matey being the joker that he is decided to cover Miss chickens eyes.

a quick cuddle after check in

this little fella has been hanging off me and holding my hand all day since we dropped of the big guy at the airport - i don't think he is handling it all too well.

the boys signing all their paperwork downstairs before boarding & i probably got a better shot of you all but hey this is the one i am using...

Oh and while waiting to wave goodbye before DH boarded the plane the fire alarm went off & the big curtains came down which hampered the seeya have a good time, kiss kiss, wave frantically...

On the way home we stopped and took this photo of the plane leaving - --
{ honey, when you read my blog - the big arse lens would have been fabulous so that you can actually tell this was a could always suprise me if you have a win in Vegas}

So that was our day in a nutshell - tommorow will have to be a day of relaxation and scrapping {especially since its almost 3.30am and i am still wide awake} - the peeps and i might have to do something exciting also to break the day up - maybe they will have a sleep in for me... { not bloody likely the little voice in my head says}.
No doubt i will be awoken with cuddles and kisses from my little cherubs and the sound of "get up - whats for breakfast mum" - unfortunately its sunday and i can't say go and see your father ....arggghhhhhhh - it should be a fun day - lol.

A great quote for the day ......
Life is not always what one wants it to be, but to make the best of it as it is, is the only way of being happy. --Jennie Churchill, english editor & playwright.
stay safe and have fun

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scrapwitch said...

freakin awesome editing with those shots...what photoshop program do you own...can you do cyber tutorials ???
great shots