Monday, January 21, 2008

broadband is my friend...

Yippee can you hear me from where you are - my broadband has kicked in again for the month - i so hate it when i go over my monthly gb's, even for one day, it drives me batty.

So i have had a chat with my DH who is in NY and is a very tired man ... who at this moment, cause i just got off the phone to him, is getting ready to meet up for breakfast with his work colleagues{ i think the boys will like that title}.

****The kids are missing you like crazy - miss chicken keeps saying "i miss dad" and old matey said this is the best day mum ...even without dad... I SO ROCK! - oh and just for the record - i am coping but only just - the days are awesome so far - the peeps and I are keeping ourselves busy and are organising our day the day before and that seems to work good for them. The nights on the other hand are good for the peeps too but for me a little more challenging but i am getting there ... i love you ... have fun. i best add this too --- the pool looks great - a great shade of clear blue..... the lawn well i think we have lawn grubs again - so let me know via text what you want me to do ... if anything...

Well today i got outta bed{early for a sunday} and made yummy pancakes and maple syrup - so yum! - make sure you read this honey.....they were perfect - see the pressure of you not watching over my shoulder made them work for me - lol.

We finally took down the Xmas tree - the peeps broke about 4 xmas balls { two of them were the special ones we get each year and decorate} - not good, but thats the way it goes.

We then listened to a bit of powder finger {loudish}, followed by some puzzles, then some computer games, then i mowed the lawn, the peeps rollerbladed, then i mowed the front lawn , the peeps swam, the peeps watched a movie, i cut the hedge round the pool { and its straight - shock, horror}, i hosed off the paths, then we all swam except for old matey who by the afternoon decided it was too cold for him. Now i am very sunburnt - but i found the straw hat just in time so the face did not get too much sun - it was the forearms that got most of the rays.

I then found my easel behind the shed and gave it a quick sand before the peeps and i give it a coat of paint tommorow - in between all the other stuff we want to do.

my old faithful easel will be having a makeover tommorow.

We drove into town and got chips and dagwood dogs { not the healthiest dinner but hey we ate healthy last night} - followed by "this is the best day since dad left".. was the first day -- trust my beautiful son to come up with that - and truth be known he is so not coping- he is extremely clingy and wanting to hold my hand all the time - which i am loving - but he doesn't normally do that unless something is bothering him.

Now the peeps are all tucked into bed - and i got the chance to do some scrapping {not much} - but the first two faces on my alpha storage boxes - hopefully i will get a few more done tommorow.

I guess you can see from this photo that the cherubs have taken over our bed.... cheeky little darlings.

and this is the colours i am doing my alpha storage box... i have blu-tacked each face on for this photo so i can see what it will loook like before i embellish each one. oh and the first two i did this afternoon- yippeee.

my quote today is......
Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. -Helen Keller
so where ever you are stay safe, smile, and be happy


My sista made me do it said...

Oooooh I love those drawers! Noice work my big sis...hang in there he will be back soon enough, can't wait for the weekend to roll around

scrapwitch said...

oooohhhh i want those drawers sooooo much ..delish ,devine,magical..great job trac....cant wait to see your booty when your hubby gets fill those drawers