Thursday, January 24, 2008

its another day....

a big callout for dh who is abroad at the moment and who is feeling a bit homesick - yes its been 5 sleeps and we do miss you DH ... and we know that you miss us ... i wonder if they can put together our passports over the weekend and then we could fly over there to be with you... maybe not... cause i am not big on the plane thing ...and maybe its not homesickness that you have - it could be the food that you ate - a case of "usa belly" - a likeness to bali belly i guess... what would you call that??? --- i'd call it --- "drink more to kill the bugs" - lol.

So a bit of an update - the peeps and i had a play date at the park with Caroline and our beautiful goddaughters ..{ oh and i got a noice shot of you Aunty and your eldest daughter, i think we will have to print them out for a mini album- if you grace us with your presence this weekend we will put a mini together for you and a 12x layout too}. The peeps all had a ball, well what little people don't like climbing? oh and our son has a new saying with me - he kinda walks past as if nothing is going on and says "hey tracey" -- in that 'what doya think' kinda voice... absolute card - everytime he does it i crack up laughing and forget to pull him up for not calling me mum...

My class over at Stamp Antics is already to roll for February - I will be teaching an Inspirational Quote album, and i have a few ideas for other classes scrambled up in the space between my ears - i just have to make them and run with it, i might give that a nudge over the weekend.

I went to a Stampin up party tonight with a group of fabulous friends and bought a couple of ink pads...and some other stuff but its too late to remember what ....

The peeps had gym training for 4 hours today - had a blast and miss chicken had a friend from gym come over for a play for the afternoon - she had a great time.

oh yes - he has still not cut his hair - he truly wants to be like bernard fanning -- go you good thing -- and , old matey, if you play guitar and compose songs like him i will be your number one groupie!

and miss chicken is having a great time - and it seems the early adolescent behaviour seems to have disappeared for the time being - i am so

I am looking forward to tommorow cause i am almost finished scrapping my drawers from ikea - yippeee... and i want to get a start on my easel ... better still the paintings that i will create on it would be good to start tommorow {as if that will happen}---oh and the craft room needs me to hire a cleaner to get it back in working order cause i seem to have stuff everywhere.

a bit of a cruddy photo, but a sneak of what they are gonna look like ... hopefully i will load up new photos tommorow of the finished drawers.

Yesterday i booked into a Creative sewing class that starts next week - i will be making an octagonal box with a pincushion inside - very intriguing when you see it... it even has a lid -- can't wait to get a start on that next week. I also got together the fabrics for the dress to my sculpted doll - so depending on the weekend i might try to get a start on that i need to embroider the wings for her as well.

My little sis will be gracing me with her presence friday for a few days -and we are having ourselves a scrapping weekend - so it should be a great weekend - i might try and do some mini album kits for the weekend so that the peeps have some craft to do as well ... oh and with her staying i will get to sleep too.... yay .....say goodbye to bags under the eyes as of monday - lol.

I still have not shopped for the peeps school books and they all go back to school tuesday - i suppose i have plenty of time - and to tell the truth i am really not looking forward to them going back to school - i have really enjoyed our school holidays this year & its a shame for it to end.

a quote for today....

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” - buddha
have a fun day, stay safe and keep on smiling


binrow said...

Hey Peeps thanks for taking care of gallery 12 you did a super job of it!! And I love your draws are they the Ikea ones!!


ScrapManda said...

You sure have been busy even without DH around! Hope you're surviving and the peeps have a great first day back at school!

Petrina McDonald said...

I LOVE that photo of your son! I tried to get my boy to let his hair grow long and free for the hols and he kept begging me to cut his fringe!! SO not cool!
Love, P.
ps. you'll have to come over here inside my computer and tell me how you get that watermark-type-thing across your photos - I seriously need to do that.....