Tuesday, January 29, 2008

flitting bye....bye

our house has been a busy one this weekend. I have had a my sister and her family staying and i also had my brother and his family come for long visits too... and we got to scrap and do craft almost all weekend- well that was inbetween playing with the babe and keeping the noise level down the five peeps that were running amuck here.

I finished 11 layouts and did a bit of entertaining also.{ sorry no pics as my camera has laid dormant all weekend - goodness knows why i did not pick it up for photos - but alas i did not - instead i used my sista's camera and got a few shots of her little fellow}. The girls got a few layouts done of their own too... yes i shared the work space... we moved it all out into the dining room so that we could keep an eye on the little people.

I am missing my dh who is flying to Las Vegas while i will be trying to sleep... so i will be waiting for his call to let me know how fantastic and fast the lifestyle is over there.

I have almost finsihed my storage box for my alpha's - i only have three more to go and then its all done... hopefully this week will see it finished. - sorry for the yuk pic -was in a bit of a rush to get a pic taken before the weekend started

I have been working on some 'stuff' -for Jenny at Stamp Antics and i am a bit excited about it - so i will see how i go .... and my first class at Stamp Antics is all systems go for the end of February - we'll be creating a Inspirational mini quotes album in my fave tones...red and aqua...

the peeps are back at school tommorow and somehow i have forgotten to by new school shoes - but i think i have had so much going on in the past two weeks that i really was putting the whole going back to school thing to the very back of the void between my ears - alas a big thank you to my little sister who managed to organise me today and picked up the last couple of school books for my peeps...thank you ...

so i hope this sees you all safe and sound - especially to my friends who have moved into new states and homes in the past week, what a great year 2008 is turning out to be for all of us.

till i blog again stay safe

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scrapwitch said...

you drawers are stunning...and so are all those amazing layouts....
how do you find the time