Tuesday, January 29, 2008

rainy days -- only not today cause its tuesday

yes you read it right - i love the rain as long as i can stay indoors with the peeps - but alas the little ones started back at school today. It was raining when we left the house this morning and when reaching the school -- no carparks, for miles, there are so many people at our school now - so off we go home again - i am lucky i don't live far from the school - and it truly bugs me that i cannot get a carpark for miles and then have to lug the books up to the classroom for the peeps {like 4 reams of A4 paper - how on earth do they think that children can be dropped off in the kiss and go zone and carry all that up to their classroom} - humh!

I eventually tottled the peeps back into the car at 8.40am { it was teaming down with rain at this point} and we made our way back to the school - got ourselves a park - and the peeps were perfectly late for their first day. Anyone who knows us, knows that we are always { well on a good day} late... so it was a great way to start off the year for the peeps. ***can i just add that we {myself and the peeps} do not like being late but for the lack of forthought in the government and education Qld's planning this is enevitable -- there that feels better.

so the peeps had a great first day and hopefully the week can only get better with us getting to school on time....

I would like to thank all the friends & family who are phoning/dropping in and checking in on us while DH is away - thank you - i truly appreciate it. I am feeling a bit lost really not having him here - we get to talk via sms and a call every few days - but truly when you have someone by your side for what seems an eternity and for them to be miles away and you can't just have a cuddle or that quick 'what do you think' convo -- its hard. Its hard that my little boy so misses his dad and when i ask him if he is okay he kinda looks straight through me, then when i say the words "do you miss your dad?"- he cries - so yep ... i am feeling his emptiness too. Miss chicken just keeps saying i miss dad - so i tellya when he gets home we will be so happy --because we miss him and we need him - i think next time we will all be going with him. The countdown has begun! - oh and he has hit vegas now -- not sure what he has been up to, but tommorow i am expecting my call........

did a recount of the layouts i did over the weekend and there is 12 -- i am so pleased about this -- woohooo -- a little journalling on some - which i was gonna do tonight and i will photo and upload. I got a little inspriation from a flip movie that donna downey made on one of her blog posts --- just how she worded the begining of the movie got me thinking and then i thought right lets get this party started --- and off i went .... so hopefully tommorow some pics for you all. - thanks donna!

i was thinking that today i should have taken some pics - as the new topic is up for the Challenge 12 blog --- and don't forget to vote in the poll for the Repetition photos that went up friday--- would love to see how you all vote -- i have my fave all picked out - so take a visit and cast your vote, its all for a bit of fun.

Been on the twopeas site the last couple of days and they seem to have a few more sales on - so if you shop online take yourself over there and have a looksie - i found heaps that i want - i just have to talk myself into it - i think i purchased 6 new digikits last week - wish i had waited now cause they have a percentage sale on.... might have to go get some more - lol.

Today i took myself down to OSS and got me some of those Kaiser rubons & a few paper that my darling sista had -- yum-- can't wait to have a play with them on a few layouts - maybe over the next few weeks - time permitting.

and a bit of a quote -- cause i think i need it....

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
- Judy Garland

be safe and smile and hug the ones you love

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