Thursday, January 31, 2008

two more sleeps

So the question i asked myself today was "did i get all or some of those things done i had planned to do while DH was away?" - answer - NO --- so i put myself on a mission today to try and get at least one of the tasks i set myself while he was away -- i was going to add buttons to finish off the curtains in the formal lounge room - did a bit of a phone around this morn and the lovely lady at the store said she would have my 75 self covered buttons ready by this afternoon - yippeee---- hence the late post as i have just hand sewn 32 on the large curtain - i am yet to make the pelmets for the other two windows and then sew the remainder of the buttons on - i think it might be a job for tommorow as DH is on the plane and on his way home at 10.30pm tommmorow night ---how cool would that be if i got it all done before he walked through the door tommorow - dang good cause he keeps reminding me i haven't finished our curtains and its been ..uuummmm ..... 4 years ....whoops --- yes it was another UFO - lol

oh and talking to DH last night in vegas - a new lens for the camera was a go but he did not buy it in new york thinking he could get it in vegas - but alas he has not been able to get his hands on a new lens for me -- instead of the telephoto lens we are now looking at the 50mm 1.4 { a few friends have bought one in recent times and love it, also a few sites i like to visit use them and their photos are too awesome}-- i have tried to push for the 1.2 but no luck unfortunately....

So as promised i photographed all my 12 layouts that i created over the weekend - and will upload for your viewing pleasure. also i did not reach my target to scrap up a third of the craft room before the kids went back to school - considering i only started at the beginning of january, and there is years worth of supplies in there - i think i gave it a pretty good nudge ...

as i have been uber busy i have not finished the last three boxes on my ikea chipboard storage box... bummer -- soon it will happen though.

and i really have to work on some scrap stuff i am doing for Jenny at Stamp Antics - my deadline is approaching - lucky i printed out some pics today for it....

took old mate to gym this arvo and decided to walk around the ovals at the showgrounds - 6 laps -- woohoo me... i think i might do it a couple of times a week to help with the ummmmm....excess baggage.
old mate was a bit emotional again tonight - and cried for about 20 minutes, cause he missed the big guy -- i tell ya i just wanna cry but its too hard with the little people - so instead i shop - very bad vice but hey it worked for me -- so i got new rub ons, some papers, some chipboards and some awesome chenille fabric to make miss chicken some new shorts - got a bit of a creation going on in the black space between the ears - so you will have to wait for the pic.

so i hope you all have a fun day tommorow - i will be cleaning and ironing and trying to make uup two lots of pelmets for my formal dining room -- and if i am lucky a little scrapping inbetween - or at least clean the dinner table off and put all the supplies away from the weekend of scrapping - thank goodness we have a large kitchen bench with seating so that we can still eat at ....take care


scrapwitch said...

wow how awesome are all these layout...i thinnk you should showcaes them BIG so i can see them in etter detail....maybe is hould just click on them...doh

lol my word verification is evyfmm

Nicole said...

these pages are fabulous Tracey.

Love them all.