Tuesday, February 05, 2008

he is home...

okay so darling husband is home - we picked him up from the airport on saturday and the peeps were so pumped and he was so excited to be home with us all... we are glad to have him home... goodness knows i got a good nights sleep after two weeks and i so needed it too.

The peeps received a souveneir shirt each and a funky hat too - which old matey wears all the time. Mumma got herself a very large bottle of vodka - the good stuff -- a bit of cheapo chinatown bling and a very apologetic DH who did not get the camera lens that i had asked for, as he could not get one in vegas for another week and he had wished he got it in New York while he was there... but alas did not.

The peeps had fun decking themselves out in Qantas freebies, casino free beads and their hats -- they both wanted their pics taken ... growing up way to fast for my liking . i am trying to play catch up with having DH home as i have a few loads of washing and ironing

Who says there's no such thing as love at first sight?

It is not attention the child is seeking but love. -Sigmund Freud

- i squeezed in a bit of scrapping for a supplier today and i have one more item to make and off it goes. what to do, what to do. the craft room is a total right off - i really need to give me some time to get in there and clean it up - i have a creative sewing class coming up soon - should be fun -- i am really looking forward to it. I also will be teaching at Stamp Antics in a few weeks - the Quote Inspiration album - looking forward to that also - love the colors i have used - i am really into the red and aquas at the moment.
oohhhh almost forgot =-- so important too---- i received home my first Circle journal - stealing 30 seconds - i sent this baby on its journey a year ago and it was hosted by the loverly Bec - and i have been so lucky to have a great group of girls contribute to it - and i love it - i have not taken pics to share as yet but promise to ASAP- kinda just keeping it for me at the moment. lol

I have been doing a bit of walking with friends and hope this will get me on track to losing a bit of the excess baggage...ho hum...

been having a bit of a looksie at what is being released at CHA this year and i tell ya there is some beautiful goodies coming out --- so much so that i think i might have to stop buying and start saving so that i can have some of them in bulk when they arrive in the stores.

don't forget the digichallenge over at CHALLENGE 12 - the link is in my sidebar - take your clicky finger over their and vote for your fave photo in the poll - its amazing how we are all giving such a diverse interpretation of the challenge word each week - and let me tell ya it does my noggin in trying to come up with something each week - seems easier when you read the word, but then i start really thinking and the procrastination sets in - so please take yourself over there and have a vote in the poll for your fave pic.

so a little quote for the day, my DH will find this one amusing because at 5.30am this morning he asked if i remembered to pay the visa bill the night before and i forgot --- hence the extra interest i will have to pay now.... a good lesson to be learned .... whoops.

Only some of us learn by other people's mistakes; the rest of us have to be the other people.

take care of you and have a fabulous day tommorow



binrow said...

Hey Peeps love the kids with their freebies so cute! Glad you are getting a bit better sleep too! I have always wanted to do a class at stamp antics as the owner is freinds with the shop I do classes for.
P.S keep up that walking and the crosstrainer!!!


Gallery 12 said...

Hi T - Don here - been ages I know but we're still not in our house yet and are living in my bro's loungeroom! It's all happening though and will probably be there in two weeks time. New driveway, polished floors, painted throughout - and so much more to come! So that's why I've been a bit absent - hope life is going well for you though and glad your man is back. Think of me when you relax with a vodka, lemon and lime! Shall talk to you soon, x D

Nicole said...

AWESOME piccies of the kids.

I don't think I could survive without Luke for two weeks, I wouldn't sleep. isn't it so strange that when your partner isn't home you just can't relax properly.