Tuesday, February 12, 2008

and it has begun...

okay - so the school year has begun again, my daughter said that i should be doing more for me at home - i am not one to argue with her - so we conjured up this 'fib' - mummy has to go to work now and can't help out anymore - she loved it - and helped make it sound real too... and she even reminded me that i have a job now and can't help at school... thing is i am the worlds worst liar - so you will never guess what sort of mayhem and mess i have been up to - well lets just say its not the "new job" - lol ...yep more volunteering - truly i need my head read!

so i have been uber busy in the black space between my ears trying to sort out how this is all going to work - and yep i am starting to think that a real paid job might come in handy - yes if you are reading this DH, i might be starting to see things your way... arghhh what am i saying.

I finished a few 'scrap' things i had on the go and have handed them in - can't really say much more than that - been procrastinating heaps about getting all of these slideshows done - i finally did miss chickens and it worked and i am happy with it - although it takes so long just to burn one slideshow dvd - drove me absolutely nuts.

We celebrated P & C's birthdays on the weekend at the park - i truly have to remember to change my iso back to a lower setting - i have this really bad habit of leaving it on 1600 because i tend to take a lot of pics of the peeps while in gym action, and as i am lazy or always in a hurry forget to switch the iso back - so a few shots from the weekend will be a bit jo-average.

I have been a bit of a no show in the creative department the last few days - and am so chomping at the bit to get into it again, but feel i have a few things i have to get ontop of before i can start again - and one would be the craft room - seriously it is so trashed - think i might have to take a pic and put it on here to shame myself and then i can get into it and clean it up - goodness knows whats lurking in there. I have visited a few friends blogs over the past couple of days - and their work is looking mighty fine - glad to see the girls have got their mojo on - and glad to hear from you donna - glad that the house is moving along just nicely.

I have my creative sewing class coming up soon - truly looking forward to that - it should be a blast- tommorow i might forridge through the cupboard to get the supplies ready - i have to choose some nice fabric and then match some of my beads with - tis a very interesting box that we will be sewing.

okes that all from me for now - i have to go rescue the papers i bought from oss today and put away some inks that came in an order from a stampin up party - till next time....

stay safe, keep smiling - we truly are lucky


Bec said...

Good luck with cleaning your craft room. I scrap in my office and it truly looks like a bomb has gone off in there. Know exactly how you feel with that!!!!
Love Bec.

Pamela said...

Sounds like you are busy, volunteering for the people you love is a good thing (though it can be a thankless task).

Enjoy what you do - you are making a difference!

Hope the mojo comes back.

Hugs Pam