Thursday, January 03, 2008

a new one just begun

I am a bit late for the new year welcome - but i made it. With Dh home on hols its hard to find time to just do me stuff, but i am here.. i think its more a case of me getting the guilts about sneaking away or needing to entertain, who knows....

I hope you all have recovered from your "eat too much" Xmas's and "drank too much" New Years celebrations, goodness knows i am truly getting on the bandwagon for excess weight loss this year - well i hope to be after my too indulgent 2007.

Haven't been at the craft desk for a while, although yesterday i spent a fabulous afternoon with my longtime highschool friend Caroline...we had a bit of scrapping fun, she got two layouts done and they both look fab... while i chatted and kicked back-- oh and took some lovely shots of her - but gotta get some permission before i emblazon the poor girls face all over my blog.

Today is my SIL's 35th birthday - Happy Birthday T --- we hope you have had a fabbo birthday -- and the restaurant you picked for lunch was scrummy - i am still full.

You may ask what children do when out at a restaurant with adults....well Old Matey found a new take on it all with the encouragement of his poppy.... its called...Coaster Art....take a look - this is a hoot...

my son is the bestest and most funniest little boy i have ever known ..more people in our world need to posess more of this little ones sense of humour...absolute card! love you mate!

I don't want to say that i made any resolutions - but this is the only goal i want to achieve for 2008 - and that is to simplify -- so thats my word for this year to, and hopefully everything i do will be a lot more plans, my organisation, my time ...its all gonna be simplified.... good luck to me i say ....and good luck to you all who decided to take on the challenge of a resolution/new goal.

stay safe and keep smiling


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Donna said...

Coaster-art what a crack up! I'd like to see more of those - and then a double layout as well. I hope my two have a good sense of humour like your DS. Keep smiling!