Saturday, December 29, 2007

lots to talk about - not me- lol

I will keep it short and simple this time as i got a wee bit carried away with the last post... lol- really u have to be kidding if u thought i could keep it short - I got my centerpiece made for the xmas dinner table - but no table runners - Lisa the fabric is somewhere in the cupboard yet to be unearthed and hopefully it will be unearthed for next year...bloody craft people ...we never have enough hands or

I got some cool gifts from santa and his helpers -- some beautiful earrings - { the same as the ones i got a couple of years back and lost one in approximately 4 hrs of receiving it - never to be found again...this pair have special safety clips on the back now - for people like me}.

A totally awesome family portrait made by the beautiful miss chicken -- its made out of air dry clay - think i might scrap book it actually - love the colors she as used { MM paints are a bit low now}.

And the totally funky and outrageously awesome DVD - which has been a blasting from our stereo since before xmas.... i am so into this dvd - if you are thinking of getting, just do it - its rockin!!!

The past few days I have been hiding away in the craft room. Occasionally i stick my head out to go hang the laundry and put another load on and occasionally i will acknowledge that i have a family with a two adorable little people who need my attention - albeit to sort out their arguments- lol. So here is what i have been a doing in the craft room - now i had to block out a face on one of the layouts cause the person is a wee bit shy.

In other news i got me a new printer as our printer crashed and burned the day before the guy in the red suit arrived-- hence he did not leave one at our tree but my DH went a shopping and bought it for me friday - will have to take a photo - but its a beauty and i am so spoilt.

okes it looks like this is a long one after all -- hope you have all had a good looksie and read -- but make sure you click on the link to have a look at the Challenge12 blog and leave a comment to vote on your fave pic as it is all systems go over there - the 52 week challenge is exciting...

seeya & stay safe


ScrapManda said...

Love your table centre piece Tracey...very funky! LO's are awesome too! Can your DH come and cook for us? I promise not to kiss him - lol! Have a great New Year!

Petrina McDonald said...

Well good to see you've been busy for a change LOL!!
I'm liking the look of that green crochet doiley under your cute little Christmas tree there - oh yes, I notice EVERYTHING!
Have a happy new year!!
Love, P

Donna said...

Oh man - you have been busy! I just have to say that I love all those layouts, but I especially love that gorgeous flourish onthe beachy one, and the fairies too - noice, oh, and I love the title - Cheeky Chops - had a giggle at that one! You are one talented chic - sub sub!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Love the table deco...very noice!!
You were spoilt, you lucky thing!!

We got the Powderfinger CD from "Across the Great divide", and have watched the concert twice on TV already. A very cool show...Don't we have awesome taste or what??

Enjoy your New Years, Peeps, and I'll chat with you in 2008!!

Chelle Xx

ScrapManda said...

Me again....Happy New Year!!!

I've tagged you on my blog if you want a bit of fun ;)

scrapwitch said...

wow you have been busy...and lookie at your special pressies...
enjoy your new year ahead...may it be productive and full of happy times...
all the best to trish and family too